02, 2020

ACE Lab Stays Open for Business Despite the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear Customers, Partners, and the PC-3000 Community,

Just like you, the entire ACE Lab Team is concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a difficult time for everyone, especially for those affected by the coronavirus outbreak. As this situation is evolving, our priority remains the health and well-being of our customers and employees. We are staying open for business in new formats and taking all possible precautions following the most up-to-date guidelines from the World Health Organization and local government agencies.

Practicing good hygiene

Here are some safety measures that we have implemented in our company and that can be useful for your businesses as well:

  • Disinfecting all the surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, and handrails regularly
  • Wearing masks
  • Constantly using sanitizers and routinely washing hands
  • Checking the temperature of the office staff, etc.

You can also set up such disinfections modules as Ozonizer Disinfection Machine with UV Disinfection Lamps at the entrance of your office to guarantee that you take all the necessary actions to protect your clients. Besides, you can receive cases by mail or even create a special box for the non-contact deliveries.

Going digital

We, at ACE Lab, and many other people try to maximize self-isolation nowadays:

  • Working mostly from home-office and in shifts when the personal presence required
  • Restricting travels and contacts
  • Using videoconferencing for meetings

We even moved our Prague Conference to the online format this year, so you can safely attend it without leaving your home or office. Soon, we are going to continue conducting new technical webinars, so you can reinforce your data recovery skills. The progress is in your hands too — master the new tools and techniques to be ahead of those who don’t do it these days.

Despite the Coronavirus quarantine, life goes on as much as it can. Many people now have time to return back to their damaged drives with important information and photos. Use this period to attract clients by growing your digital presence: create or update your website, strengthen your social media accounts and pages, enhance your online communication channels.

All these steps will be beneficial not only now, but also in the future when the quarantine is over.

Special prices to support customers and clients

Companies all over the world provide loyal conditions to their clients to support business nowadays.

Taking into account the situation which concerns everyone, ACE Lab is also ready to give our customers bigger loyal discounts on the PC-3000 purchases during the pandemic. To get the offer, do not hesitate to contact your personal sales representative or email us at sales@acelab.eu.com.

To date, there are no major restrictions to DHL, FedEx, and other courier deliveries, so we continue to sell and ship the PC-3000 products. The Technical Support service working hours remain the same.

ACE Lab will continue to support the community during these hard times as much as it is possible.
We wish you health and strength to overcome them and find new opportunities for your future progress!


Kind regards,

Elena Shulga

CEO at ACE Lab

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