26, 2020

ACE Lab Participated in the FiFE´20 Digital Forensics Fair, Spain

The FiFE´20 Digital Forensics Fair, conducted on November 25, 2020, has become one of the most popular gatherings of government agencies and private companies in Spain. A large number of attendees have joined the online conference to discover new technologies and innovations in the field of digital forensics.

ACE Lab has been invited by our partner OnRetrieval to share expertise in recovering digital evidence from the latest types of storage media devices: SSDs based on the PCIe interface and WD SMR drives with TRIM.

These topics are significant nowadays because, previously, there were no solutions to the issues related to such drives. Today, you can work with different PCIe SSDs thanks to the PC-3000 Portable III Systems and bypass the TRIM command on modern WD SMR HDDs in some cases.

Our developers continue working on adding the most wide-spread storage media to the Support List. Please keep an eye on the News Section of our website to be up-to-date with the latest technical features of the PC-3000 tools.

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