29, 2022

ACE Lab is Еxtending Partnership Networks

The end of May and the beginning of June was the time for ACE Lab participation in numerous online and onsite events, meetings and exhibitions: meetups and presentations in Turkey and in the UAE, the General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference in Germany, IT-Forensics Roadshows in Egypt and Pakistan, and the Ondata Live Webinar.

Meetups and Presentations in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey

It was great to see our exclusive reseller of the PC-3000 Tools for governmental organizations in Turkey – Veri Kurtarma Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. Together, we are launching the PC-3000 Data Recovery Training at our partner’s premises in Istanbul soon. To learn more about the training in Turkey, contact training@acelab.eu.com.

In Turkey, our team also made presentations for law-enforcement customers on the useful features of the PC-3000 for their investigation needs, and even solved some cases onsite. Our customers were delighted by the way the PC-3000 can solve such cases that had seemed to be hopeless, and by the support that is provided by ACE Lab to the PC-3000 users.

ACE Lab Meetups in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE

In the UAE, ACE Lab Team conducted plenty of meetups for local enterprises as well as digital forensic organizations and law-enforcement agencies together with the partners in the region mhc Service and SAT. At the customer’s end, our engineers demonstrated how the PC-3000 Tools can be applied to the customers’ tasks, showed which issues exactly can be solved with the PC-3000, and answered a lot of questions.

PC-3000 at GPEC, Germany

This year it was the 12th Edition of the International Exhibition and Conference for Internal Security, Law Enforcement and Homeland Defence held in Frankfurt am Main. 7,091 participants from 55 countries on 5 continents registered for GPEC 2022 gathered there to meet 503 exhibitors from 33 countries and see the latest trends and innovations in the field.

ACE Lab was represented at GPEC 2022 by our partner in Germany mh SERVICE GmbH who demonstrated the capabilities of the PC-3000 Tools for data extraction from even damaged and password-protected devices.

PC-3000 at IT-Forensics Roadshows Egypt & Pakistan

In June, ACE Lab took part in the IT-Forensics Roadshows in Egypt, Cairo, and in Pakistan, Islamabad. This series of events has been organized by our partners in the UAE and GCC Region – mhc Service. 60 information security professionals, incidents response team members, auditors and financial fraud examiners, digital forensic analysts, first-line investigators, federal agents and law enforcement specialists came there to network, discuss the trends in the field, the issues and the methods to solve them, and to see the presentations on the digital forensic tools and latest methods offered.

The PC-3000 Tools were showcased at the roadshows and our technical engineer made a presentation to the visitors of the event on how the PC-3000 can be useful for their investigations.

ACE Lab at OndataLive

On May 25, ACE Lab made a presentation on popular issues in HDD and SSD data recovery at Ondata Live – a series of free online webinars devoted to data recovery and digital forensics topics organized by our partner in Spain Ondata. In our presentation, we introduced some of the new features which later on were implemented in the PC-3000 Software Version 7.1.x.

Later on, we made a video on this topic where we demonstrated the latest options in more detail and provided explanations on how to use the new features while dealing with your cases. You are welcome to rewatch that video on ACE Lab YouTube Channel:

We were glad to showcase the PC-3000 Tools together with our local partners and to demonstrate to data recovery and digital forensic specialists how to get lost data with the help of ACE Lab technologies.

If you would like to have an ACE Lab event in your country, please contact our Marketing Coordinator at prm@acelab.eu.com.

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