16, 2022

A Video on the PC-3000 Software Version 7.1.x Main New Features

In the latest PC-3000 Software Version 7.1.x, many new cool features have been introduced: unlocking the Techno Mode for WD SED drives of all SMR 2.5" and 3.5” families without a special unlocked PCB, the support of LVM2 thin pools and PS5016 PCIe 4.0 NVME drives, loaders for PS3111 and SM2259XT controllers, and much more!

In this video, our technical support engineers demonstrate the main features from this update, and show you how to use them while dealing with your cases. Sergei speaks on getting access to modern self-encrypted WD HDDs as well as describes the new opportunities of the PC-3000 Seagate Utility, while George shows how to extract data from Phison PS5016 PCIe NVMe SSD via the Techno Mode.


If you have more questions on how to use the new features from the latest PC-3000 Software Update, you are welcome to contact our technical support via the New TS Portal ts.acelab.eu.com or by email ts@acelab.eu.com.

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