17, 2020

A New Milestone Reached: 100 000+ Tickets Solved by our Technical Support

The ACE Lab Technical Support team is the biggest and most experienced in the data recovery industry. We are the only data recovery vendor with eleven full-time TS engineers, most of which work at ACE Lab for many years.

We are always happy to help our customers with every bit of knowledge and experience that we can provide. Every day we work hard to increase your efficiency and productivity by solving as many data recovery cases as possible. This month, our Technical Support has successfully solved the 100,000th ticket in the TS Portal which was launched in 2013!

We have decided to celebrate this milestone with a special gift to Alandata from the USA – a company that has submitted the 100,000th lucky ticket. We have presented it with 100 days of free technical support in addition to the TS contract. Congratulations, Wayne and Bryton!

“We have been experts in Data Recovery since 1982, when Wayne Horner wrote his first data recovery utility in BASIC for a DATA GENERAL minicomputer. Then PC's came along with their tape-drive backups. Wayne began reverse-engineering the dozens of tape formats and writing custom recovery utilities for each. This gave Alandata a core set of tools and experience to tackle new and evolving recovery situations – but with the explosive development of data storage technology, the team at ACE Lab has become an indispensable resource.
From humble beginnings, Alandata has grown to recover hard drives, SSDs, and complex RAID arrays for clients, including city governments, hospitals, and the US military. We recover 1000's of drives every year, and nearly every one involves the PC-3000. And what is more, we can always count on AСЕ support for the tough cases.”

Wayne and Bryton Horner, the Data Recovery Men at Alandata


Taking your first steps in data recovery?
Stuck with an especially difficult case?
Want to stay ahead of the competitors or recover evidence faster?

14 hours
a day
Our top-skilled Technical Support Engineers are right by your side until the case is solved! The active TS contract also gives you the latest software update to be on the cutting edge of data recovery technology and recover data from the latest storage media with the maximum success rate.

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