14, 2020

The PC-3000 Portable III Now Supports the NVMe SSDs Based on Phison PS5007 Controller!

Today, the market of mid-budget SSD controllers is primarily shared amongst 3 companies: Silicon Motion (SMI), Phison, and Marvell. When we launched the PC-3000 Portable III, it became the first and the only solution for recovering data from PCIe NVMe SSDs using the Techno Mode. At the initial release, only Silicon Motion SSDs based on SM2260 and SM2263 controllers were supported. But it was just the beginning!

Now we have significantly expanded the list of supported drives by adding the NVMe SSDs based on the Phison PS5007 controller:

Patriot Hellfire

Kingston KC1000

And since all the PS5007-based SSDs are technically the same, you can recover data from any model based on this controller, even if it’s not listed in the Utility.

The new version of the software is available for download in your Personal Update Boxes.
If you have any questions, feel free to address them to our Technical Support.


Buy the PC-3000 Portable III until May 1, 2020, and get 2 years of free Technical Support for your PC-3000 Portable III System.

Customers who buy the PC-3000 Portable III after May 1, 2020, and who already have any product from the SATA/PATA/USB Product Line (PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable) will get only 1 month of free Technical Support as they have already used their 1 year of free TS. Customers who still don’t own the PC-3000 Express/UDMA/Portable will get a 1 year of free Technical Support for their PC-3000 Portable III Systems.

For more details, please get in touch with your personal Sales Representative or contact us at sales@acelab.eu.com.

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