25, 2022

The New PC-3000 Flash Software Ver. 8.0.10 has been released

The new 64- and 32-bit PC-3000 Flash Software Versions 8.0.10 have been released!

This update brings wide support of SanDisk MLC/TLC translator building algorithms, a lot of new static and dynamic XORs, new NAND chips and ECC formats. These features and more are already available in the latest version of the English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean software:

  • PC-3000 Flash Software Ver. 8.0.10

The development of this version required significant reworking of the program code. In the new version, we switched to the new software development kit (SDK). The main purpose of this transition is the release of the 64-bit version.

In addition, the use of a new modern development environment opens up additional opportunities for using software development technologies and allows adding new features to PC-3000 Flash more quickly and efficiently. With the 64-bit platform, we could remove existing restrictions on the use of computer resources and speed up the work of the software.

At the moment, we continue to release the 32-bit software update. The _x64 and _x86 distributions are available for downloading and installation. We recommend installing the _x64 version on Windows 10 OS.

The authorized PC-3000 Flash technical support users with active TS contracts will get the latest software version on the Personal Pages in the New ACE Lab Technical Support Portal.

Contact us to learn more on how to become an authorized technical support user and receive the recent PC-3000 Software Updates:



 ADDED  new firmware support for the SanDisk MLC Translator Building algorithm: View the full list
  • COLB1S5211C0o30h
  • COLB1S5211C0o30o
  • COLB1S5211C0k30c
  • COLB1S5211C0o30j
  • COLB1S5211C0f30s
  • PHNX2S4311C0d30m
  • COLB1S5211C0o30l
  • COLB1S5211C0f30k
  • COLB1S5211C0k30a
  • COLB1S5211C1c30c,
  • 00ADP02X

 ADDED  new firmware support for the SanDisk TLC Translator Building algorithm: View the full list
  • 00ACQ00X
  • 00ACQ01X
  • 00ACP01X
  • 00ACP02X
  • 00ADQ02X
  • 00ACQ03X
  • 00ADP02X
  • 00ACP03X
  • COLB1S5211C0i30w
  • COLB1S5211C1g30j
  • COLB1S5211C0r30x
  • COLB1S5211C0i30w
  • COLB1S5211C0l30n
  • COLB1S5211C1i30u
  • COLB1S5211C1i30u
  • COLB1S5211C0i30c
  • COLB1S5211C0v30o
  • PHNX2S4311C0a30w
  • COLB1S5211C1g30h
  • COLB1S5211C1s30z
  • COLB1S5211C0r30q
  • COLB1S5211C0t30l
  • COLB1S5211C0v30n
  • PHNX2S4311C0c30x
  • COLB1S5211C0s30j
  • COLB1S5211C1a30v
  • COLB1S5211C0s30s
  • COLB1S5211C0r30p
  • COLB1S5211C1h30s

 ENHANCED  automatic detection of the firmware structure type in the SanDisk TLC/MLC Translator algorithm

 ADDED  new Static XORs: View the full list
  • IS917 BLK=128 PG=17600 (1094x16+32) F73C46
  • SM3281 BLK=3072 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL0 V2
  • SM3281 BLK=3072 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL1 V2
  • SM3281 BLK=3072 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL2 V2
  • SM3281 BLK=3072 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) PL3 V2
  • CBM2199 BLK=256 PG=18592 (1138x16) EEBB0C
  • FC1179 BLK=128 PG=18592 (1154+7x1150)*2 F5FB07
  • SM3268 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1126x16+31)
  • PS2251-09 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1138+15x1134) 9A9EF0
  • AU699x BLK=1152 PG=18432 (1138x16) DATA
  • SSS6137 BLK=786 PG=18432 (1218x15)
  • PS2251-09 BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110+1104x15) 9A9EF0
  • SM2704 BLK=512 PG=18592 (1150x16+31) ECC
  • SM2704 BLK=512 PG=18592 (1150x16+31) DATA
  • SSS6698 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1096x8) 809E9C
  • SM2702 BLK=256 PG=17920 (1108x16+31) 2850B8
  • SM3257 BLK=256 PG=17600 (1094x16+24) 4C912A
  • SSS6132 BLK=2304 PG=18432 (1218x15) 9A860F
  • AU699x BLK=768 PG=18432 (1138x16) DATA
  • AS MSD BLK=256 PG=17664 (1098x16)_AF9E02
  • IS918 BLK=4608 PG=18592 (1158+15x1150) SA
  • SSS6132 BLK=256 PG=18432 (1218x15) 9A860F
  • SM3267 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1138x16+27) D7AF47
  • AU600x BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110x16) ECC
  • AU600x BLK=256 PG=17760 (1110x16) DATA
  • IS916 BLK=256 PG=17664 (1094x16+24) C3A7EE
  • CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=4320 (1080x4)
  • SM2702 BLK=256 PG=17920 (1108x16+31) FE1705 SA
  • IS917 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1142x16+32)
  • PS2251-09 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1151+15x1143) 9A9EF0
  • DM NN BLK=256 PG=18048 (1126x15+1130) 1775CE
  • IS918 BLK=5184 PG=18656 (1158+15x1150)
  • SM3281 BLK=2304 PG=18592 (32+1150x16+32) E8018F
  • PS2251-08 BLK=256 PG=18272 (1148+15x1140) FA9E80
  • ITE11xx BLK=1024 PG=18592 (1150x16)
  • AU699X BLK=792 PG=17920 (1110X16) ECC
  • AU699X BLK=792 PG=17920 (1110X16) DATA
  • SM3257 BLK=256 PG=17600 (1094x16+27) 4C912A
  • SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) REQ
  • SM3257 BLK=256 PG=8832 (1094x8+27)
  • SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL0
  • SM3281 BLK=1152 PG=18432 (32+1140x16+32) PL1
  • SSS6697 BLK=258 PG=9216 (1140x16)
  • SM2236 BLK=128 PG=17760 (1106x16+18)
  • AU699X BLK=128 PG=8640 (1078x8)
  • AU699x BLK=1728 PG=9296 (1138x8) DATA
  • SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL0
  • SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL1
  • SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL2
  • SM3281 BLK=768 PG=18432 (32+1142x16+32) PL3
  • SSS6131 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1140x16)
  • AU6989 PG=18592 BLK=256 (1162x16) DATA
  • PS2251-67 BLK=1 PG=8640 (1083+7x1077)
  • FC1179 BLK=128 PG=18432 (1146+7x1142)x2 21CDD8 v1
  • SM3257 BLK=64 PG=17664 (1088x16+27)
  • ITE11xx BLK=256 PG=17664 (1104x16)
  • SSS6132 BLK=576 PG=18432 (1218x15) 80809E9E
  • CBM2199 BLK=512 PG=18592 (1096x16) CF7ED4
  • CBM2199 BLK=64 PG=4320 (1078x4)
  • SM3267 BLK=256 PG=8832 (1100x8+27) D7AF47
  • PS2251-70 BLK=384 PG=18432 (1138+15x1134)
  • PS2251-70 BLK=768 PG=18432 (1148+15x1144)

 ADDED  new Dynamic XORs:
  • CBM: 128_8640_1080x8 - 2
  • PHISON BLK=516 PG=9216 (1144x7) BASE+EXT
  • CBM: 64_4224_1056x4 - 6
  • CBM: 64_18432_1144x16 - 6

 ADDED  new NAND chips: View the full list
  • AD3C15AB Hynix H27Q1T8YEB9R
  • AD3C15AB Hynix H27Q1T8YEB9R
  • C2D3D195 Infineon MX60LF8G18AC
  • 454C9493 SanDisk STDNSGAMA-016G
  • 98489AB3 Toshiba Noname 128GB
  • 89A46432 Intel 6WB2D_NW817
  • 45DA84A5 SanDisk SD0EAHCH-256
  • 453EA693 SanDisk Sandisk 64Gb
  • 454C9A92 SanDisk SDTNPNCHEM-016G
  • 454899B3 SanDisk Noname 128G
  • 2CBA9055 Micron MT29F2G16ABBEA
  • 2CBA9055 Micron MT29F2G16ABBEA
  • 453EA693 SanDisk Sandisk 64Gb
  • 2CA4E53C Micron MT29FxxG08CxxAB
  • 2C844434 Micron MT29F128G08CBCEB
  • ECDC14A5 Samsung K9G4G08U0B
  • 89C41832 Intel MT29F512G08EBHBF
  • 454899B3 SanDisk Noname 128G
  • 453CA593 SanDisk SDWNRHxRx_xxGUx
  • 453CA593 SanDisk SDWNRHxRx_xxGUx
  • 453EAAA2 SanDisk SDT 7E51
  • 453CA9A2 SanDisk Sandisk Monilith
  • 453CA9A2 SanDisk Sandisk Monilith
  • 453CA9A2 SanDisk Sandisk TSOP48
  • 453CA9A2 SanDisk Sandisk TSOP48
  • 98D79983 Toshiba TH58NVG6T2DTG20
  • 2C84C434 Micron Noname
  • 983E98B3 Toshiba TC58LJG9T24TA0D_64GB
  • B5646456 Spectek MT29F64G08CBEFB

 ADDED  new ECC formats: View the full list
  • 18592;16-1138;
  • 18432;1138;15-1134;
  • 17760;1110;15-1104;
  • 17600;16-1094;27;
  • 18432;16-1138;27;
  • 17760;16-1110;
  • 17920;16-1108;31;
  • 18432;16-1142;32;
  • 18048;15-1126;1130;
  • 18656;1158;15-1150;
  • 18272;1148;15-1140;
  • 17920;16-1110;
  • 17760;16-1106;18;
  • 9296;8-1138;
  • 18432;16-1140;
  • 8640;8-1068;
  • 18432;1146;7-1142;1146;7-1142;
  • 18432;1148;15-1144

 ENHANCED  general software optimization for x64 bit platforms. Speed and stability enhancement

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