17, 2019

Software Updates for PC-3000 and Data Extractor Are Added

The following English, Japanese and Chinese software updates are released today:

  • PC-3000 Express/UDMA-E/Portable Ver. 6.6.31
  • Data Extractor Ver. 5.9.17
  • Data Extractor RAID Edition Ver. 5.9.17

PC-3000 HDD (Express, UDMA, Portable)

WD Marvell

  • The SA blocking access error for Boot-ROM mode has been fixed;
  • Resource editor for ABA regions mode has been improved.

Seagate F3

  • Added the HDD Device Fault State flag searching and reset in RAM possibility in the "HDD autoinitialization" and "Work with Flash ROM image file" options.

PC-3000 Kernel

  • Errors have been fixed (If click 'NO' in Sector edit window).

Data Extractor

  • You are now able to make a drive "offline" for all system disks, and not just USB drives;
  • New notification messages during the copy creation added. More information added to the Data Extractor and Data Extractor RAID Edition manuals;
  • Fixed an error during the shift searching procedure;
  • Fixed a bug when the alternative map is filled incorrectly if data cloning rate is low;
  • Improved ZFS parsing.

Data Extractor RAID Edition

  • The entropy map processing (if it is enabled for a member) has been added to the "RAID member statistics" mode;
  • Added method for determining RAID service blocks based on the entropy map;
  • Added histograms for quick evaluation of the results in viewing the map statistics and on the form attribute selection when building a submap.

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions.
Please contact us to learn more on how to become an authorized technical support user and receive all of the recent PC-3000 Software Updates.

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