19, 2013

The new version of PC-3000 Ver. 5.5 and Data Extractor Ver. 5.0 software is available

Main changes

  • PC-3000 software kernel has been unified for working on different hardware platforms: PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA and PC-3000 Portable;
  • The current new software version will work with all three products: PC-3000 Express, PC-3000 UDMA and PC-3000 Portable.

WD Marvell
  • Improved head map search algorithm in RAM, added support of new families;
  • Modified algorithm for the head map in ROM for following families: Trails, Tressels, Diablo 3D;
  • Fixed bug in "Search Modules in SA" mode, it did not perform "Apply Dir" in the past;
  • Fixed bug of grouping defects in the tracks;
  • Improved "Edit module catalog" mode, the differences between the structure of the Zephyr family drives are considered.

WD Marvell USB
  • Improved COM/USB utility:
           - fixed bug of ROM writing;
           - fixed bug of writing modules by ID (including modules with capacity more 256 sectors);
           - added check of set port speed (earlier error of setting speed of port entailed data transfer errors).
  • Added full support for USB 3.0 drives.

WD Caviar Cyl 32
  • Fixed bug of translator regeneration.

WD Caviar Cyl 32 SATA
  • Fixed bug of translator regeneration for Odisey and Hercules families.

Seagate F3
  • In the "View and edit HDD Resources" tool the Sys Files list shows all found copies of files with indicated origin in SA;
  • Added search through the Sys Files list by Sys LBA;
  • HDD microcode to read/write ROM is placed to activation file to provide quick addition of the set of Flash ROM supported types;
  • Added support of мс WINBOND 25Q40BWS0, ManID = 1C for ROM writing;
  • Added Boot Code Mode autoinitialization (without short cut of ROM pins) for reading/writing ROM;
  • Fixed bug in the procedure for correcting the single LBA position (translator recovery, type 2);
  • Fixed bug in scanning the surface of drives with capacity more 2 Tb at translator recovery;
  • Modified translator recovery procedure (Media Cache effect);
  • Added editing of Media Scratch Pad Control flag into procedure of editing ID in SA and in RAM;
  • Fixed procedure for making a defects list in the translator (Media Cache effect);
  • Added ability to edit defect flag fields in Non Resident Lists editors;
  • Added System Files Reading/Writing - via ATA and via terminal;
  • Added reservation of System Files into SA backup function. Backup of system files of 0 and 3 partitions is done. It is implemented both for backup of SA, translator recovery and translator recovery modes and solving "LED CC problem";
  • The following features are added in view of SA objects:
           - reading a selected group of Sys Files into folder via ATA and terminal;
           - output report of Sys Files list including the file ID and coordinate in SA, that allows to identify the damaged Sys File
  • Improved BootCode initialization function;
  • Improved automatic determing LBA 0 shift for drives with Media Cache and ability of manual positioning with fixing the entered value;
  • Now data from ROM can be loaded in the following ways:
           - via ATA;
           - via Boot Code;
           - via terminal by System Files interface;
           - from file.
  • Added SA setting scanner. It scans the following settings:
           - module table;
           - 0 and 3 partition file table;
           - some additional parameters used to work with HDD ID in RAM.
  • The scanner is also included in the operating mode with ROM that allows to diagnose and work with freezing drives and not getting ready drives:
           - Added HDD ID editor in RAM in the "Utility actions for Data Extractor" mode;
           - In operation with ROM patches are included. they disable freezing with "No Host FisReadyStatusFlags" messages, freezing with LED CC problem when it is impossible to work with 35 module of SMART at translator regeneration ("Init SMART Fail");
  • Added defect list editors:
           - Non Resident G-List;
           - P-List;
           - Non Resident Primary DST List.
  • Modified algorithm of utility state dialogue work;
  • Added ID editor in RAM.

  • Fixed bug of changing the serial number on Mango drives;
  • Works are carried out to eliminate errors in the determination of some drives with USB interface;
  • Added MP4 2.5" drives family.

  • Added reading mode restoration at time-out error in task with using active utility in Data Extractor.

Data Extractor
  • Added new alternative and more compact version of map for tasks with "create copy" tasks. Selecting is performed during task creation (old "Binary file" format). "Default" value can be set in "Settings" menu in Data Extractor Task Manager. In the new format of storage map we have added fields of redundancy, which allow to recover map if key metadata is damaged. Recovery mechanism is implemented.
  • Added buttons of quick control of reading with the head map (they appear at the right panel, after building head map);
  • In the task form we have added a shortcut button for getting access to the main windows (the window associated with the task of utility, PC-3000 and DE managers);
  • Added interruption of the process of copy creation at "Work only with a copy" option;
  • Added automatic re-building of map after reading operation;
  • Implemented control the availability of recursive references for file systems and the correct response to them when saving files and directories or building map for them;
  • "Raw recovery" mode
           - significantly increased speed of execution through the use of multi-threading and optimization of the preliminary analysis mechanism;
           - added search and analysis of VMFS structures and directories;
           - added method of creating VMFS virtual partition launched from the relevant structures;
           - added analysis of ReiserFS tree blocks;
  • "Fast disk analysis" mode
           - significantly increased the speed of execution through the use of multi-threading;
           - added the ability to cancel usage of this mode;
           - fixed bug which allegedly caused that some users could not start the mode properly.
  • "GREP search" mode
           - Significantly increased speed of the search through the use of multi-threading.
  • NTFS file system
           - "Partition analysis" and "Search NTFS structure" modes: modified algorithm of "binding" with using information of Extend's. In previous version (in some very rare cases) there was not enough of RAM.
           - Changes in the procedure of saving compressed file. Now incorrectly unwrapped block is filled by $00 pattern, but saving is not interrupted. The corresponding message is written in log.
           - fixed bug of incorrectly builded map of compressed file (saving was performed correctly);
           - added Volume report for NTFS partitions;
           - added "Map of file $Bitmap" menu item;
           - fixed bug in the mechanism of building map for some files of large partitions (it used to appear for 12 Tb partition).
           - modified analysis mechanism of multiple attributes $30 in "MFT table scan" mode. Previously, if there were links to several directories, only one remained.
           - significantly increased rate of the first stage (search of structures) of "Partition data analysis" mode for NTFS partitions;
           - Removed excess output in log line with the name of saved compressed file.
  • Ext4 file system
           - implemented an optional accounting of "block group flags" at building maps of used/unused space, metadata maps and partition data analysis;
           - amended analysis of directory due to existence of versions of operation system with mismatch of flags "Inode" and directory storage form;
           - fixed situation, when u nder certain errors in the metadata file system structure, interrupted analysis of directory was interrupted for Native file system;
           - fixed bug in the analysis of dx_ catalogs consisting of several EXTEND's;
           - fixed bug in the implementation of the 48-bit addressing. It appears for 64 Tb partition size.
  • FAT file system
           - added opportunity to perform partition data analysis with an external file as FAT table.
  • VMFS file system
           - added support of file system (native).
  • ReiserFS file system
           - improved mode of adding a virtual partition in the quick analysis of drive and in raw recovery mode (it has become more "intelligent");
           - fixed bug of determining capacity of added virtual partition;
           - added "Partition analysis" method.
  • exFAT file system
           - in determining the type of file system for slot type $07 we have added the control of the probable copy of exFAT Boot partition.
           - fixed bug, previously statistics when making copies at multiple passes was not changed;
           - fixed bug of wrong head map processing for imaging in backward direction;
           - fixed bug of calculation of statistics for the map (the missing chains - sparsed etc. were taken into account);
           - fixed bug when the serial number of SAS devices was not displayed;
           - fixed a rarely occurred bug that caused overflow of the message queue (Out-of-quota message) and "leak" of memory;
           - fixed bug of "capturing" two extra sectors under certain conditions, at reading back with "jump" at the loss of "ready"-status or errors of reading;
           - modified GPT analysis (previously it used to be interrupted at the first "empty" slot);
           - fixed bug of GPT analysis for sector different from 512 bytes.

PC-3000 kernel software
  • The works to unify the PC-3000 software kernel to work with different hardware platforms. This enables to develop and install the same software on all existing controllers: high-speed PC-3000 Express, optimal PC-3000 UDMA and mobile PC-3000 Portable.

Mounting disks in the system
  • For users of PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 Portable we have developed a driver for mounting drives to OS connected via controller ports. The driver works under Windows 7, 8.

Device driver
  • For PC-3000 Express and PC-3000 Portable we have developed a new driver that allows you to work under Windows 7, 8, x86, x64.

Defects editor
  • added "Select similar defects" and "Inflate defects" commands.

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