01, 2013

ACE Laboratory delegation has successfully conducted three events in Tokyo, Japan

Specialized closed seminar for governmental organizations, 18 September 2013
Open "New PC-3000 Technologies" seminar, 19 September 2013
Participation in "Digital Forensic" seminar, 20 September 2013

Specialized closed seminar for governmental organizations in Tokyo, the 18th of September 2013

ACE Laboratory products are becoming more and more popular among governmental organizations, especially after introducing forensic features in Data Extractor at the beginning of 2013. Specialized closed seminar for governmental organizations was held by ACE Laboratory Ltd and our Japanese dealer Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd in Tokyo on the 18th of September, 2013. ACE Laboratory top developers shared the news about the latest developments and newest features of our products. Our specialists described the world situation and tendencies in data recovery, the problems which data recovery engineers meet mostly often now and the ways to tackle them. The seminar was accompanied by a master-class session where the participants could get replies on their questions on PC-3000 and Data Extractor features directly from the developers.


Open "New PC-3000 Technologies" seminar in Tokyo, the 19th of September 2013

More than 60 participants visited Open "New PC-3000 Technologies" seminar in Tokyo on the 19th of September, 2013. PC-3000 users, data recovery specialists, IT professionals, directors of data recovery companies and specialists interested in PC-3000 have attended this seminar organized by ACE Laboratory Ltd and Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd companies. From 10.00 am till 18.00 pm our chief developers described the latest developments and showed in practice the features of the newest ACE Laboratory products.

At the opening session the audience could get the detailed description of three platforms of PC-3000 for recovering data from Hard Disk Drives and estimate their advantages.

After it, we have presented the opportunities of high-speed PC-3000 Express, which can recover data simultaneously from four Hard Disk Drives at the highest speed.

The report on the newest Data Extractor RAID Edition software arose tremendous interest among all data recovery engineers, as they could see unique possibilities in recovering data from damaged RAID.Live case demonstration of recovering data from SSD in technological mode showed the participants the latest methods which very often are the only ones leading to successful recovery.

A free lottery was held at the end of seminar, and one of the participants became the happy winner of PC-3000 Express with Data Extractor Express set.

We are thankful to all participants who devoted the whole working day to self-development and immersion in the newest developments in data recovery together with ACE Laboratory Ltd and Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd specialists.


Participation in "Digital Forensic" seminar, Tokyo, the 20th of September 2013

ACE Laboratory Ltd and Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd participated in open "Digital Forensic" seminar organized by "The Institute of Digital Forensics" association. Research officers, engineers-experts of law machinery and representatives of various companies have participated in this seminar. Kumanan PC Net Co., Ltd has conducted the "First responder - Triage using PC-3000" presentation to show the usage of PC-3000 in forensic aims. ACE Laboratory described the world tendency in computer forensics and showed the practical application ACE Lab products on forensic purposes. The participation in this seminar was very useful for us to know more about the forensic specifics and realize what to add to PC-3000 products in terms of digital forensics.

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