28, 2014

The new version of PC-3000 Ver. 5.6 and Data Extractor Ver. 5.1.2 software is available

Main changes:

  • Added opportunity to initialize translator in RAM for Hitachi-IBM-ARM drives
  • Seagate F3 drives have improved method of working with system files and modified translator recovery mechanism
  • Added support of the latest families in WD Marvell utility
  • Optimized method for raw recovery in DE
  • Data Extractor RAID Edition has added opportunity to work in several tasks at the same time
  • Created interactive determinations of RAID parameters

  • Support for HDD families SATA: 75GSX,65GSXN; and PATA:29GAC,34GAX,36GAC,50GACE is added
  • Reading mode restoration at time-out error in task with using active utility in Data Extractor is added
  • Modified reading mode for PATA HDD
  • Modified password saving/restoration mode
  • P-List edit Plugin is added

Seagate F3
  • Loader (*.lod): create, edit and update
  • Packed reservation of System files via terminal
  • Modified algorithm of work with system files of 0 partition
  • In the "View and edit HDD Resources" tool the Sys Files list shows all found copies of files with indicated origin in SA
  • Search through the Sys Files list by Sys LBA is added
  • HDD microcode to read/write ROM is placed to activation file to provide quick addition of the set of Flash ROM supported types
  • Support for Media Cache WINBOND 25Q40BWS0, ManID = 1C for ROM writing is added
  • Boot Code Mode auto initialization (without short cut of ROM pins) for reading/writing ROM

  • Support for HEJ4250F9 family is added

  • Translator initialization in RAM for HDD with writing problem is added

WD Marvell
  • Support for the families: Tresselb, Diablo3S, Shrek, TtresXLS, FBLite, TrailXLS is added
  • Implemented LDR and RAM head map at drive's power on
  • Head selection for track reading is added for In the "HDD resources backup" and "Resources master copy creation in DB" modes
  • Improved RAM usage in Physical testing
  • Modified algorithm of active Flash Dir search

DataExtractor 5.1.2
  • In the Explorer mode MDADM structure editor is added
  • Creation of the virtual drives based on map is added
  • Creation of virtual drives for VMDK files (hosted sparce extents) is added:

  •        - based on map
           - based on selected files
  • Optimized work with map of new type, significantly increasing the work speed with map and memory
  • Optimized calculation/recalculation of statistics for the map, significantly increasing the speed of the processes
  • Support for previous format of storage map description is added
  • Submap building algorithm is optimized taking into account HDD heads for new type of file map

NTFS file system
  • Modified mechanism of building map for files with non-resident attributes $20, when attribute part is lost, Building map is performed prior interruption
  • Ability to build submap based on heads without chains combining from different heads is added
  • "Raw recovery" mode: added determination of RAW-format files which were previously determined as Tiff on some digital camera models.

VMFS file system
  • implemented method of FDC (file descriptor cluster) file scanning
  • implemented method of building used/unused space maps
  • VMFS5 files with size up to 1 Kb can be stored using new method

FAT file system
  • optional table reading for copy creation is added for "Partition data analysis" method. The method of primary analysis of the tables is optimized.

EXT(2,3,4) file system
  • optional ability to allow InodeBitmap during "Partition data analysis" method performance is added. The method is significantly optimized that allowed to increase performance rate
  • "show deleted" option is added for Native file system

RAID Edition
  • the mechanism of interactive determination of RAID6 and RAID5EE parameters is improved
  • the mechanism of "Comparing with standard configurations" in the interactive determination mode of RAID parameters (rate is increased, visual help with possible variants of data blocks location is realized, automatic ranking of definitive blocks is implemented). Ability to determine standard configurations with chains shift of data blocks is realized. This method is used when configuration is determined based on boot sector without MBR.
  • RAID50 and RAID6-Adaptec are added to the standard configurations list (previously they were realized as Custom-RAID)
  • Special type of RAID - "Special-VMFS" is added for VMFS file system with some Extent-s.
  • in interactive determination mode of RAID parameters there is an ability to use XOR results of RAID members instead of missing (Dummy) drive.
  • special type of block – "SPECIAL-XOR" is added, which is a result of partial XOR-members.

  • For PC-3000 parameters of the command line are processed for launching without port selection.

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