27, 2017

The first Monolith Meetup. Revolution in Monolith Recovery.

ACE Lab has successfully conducted the First Monolith Meetup in our new office in Prague on the 23rd and 24th (Repeat session) of March, 2017.

More than 70 data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts from 27 countries attended the ACE Lab Monolith Meetup. It was a good chance to network, share experience and find the ways of cooperation in solving the most challenging tasks.

At the Monolith Meetup we shared our knowledge about solving the most complicated monolith cases with lower risks and time costs. We also demonstrated that those who hadn’t dealt with monoliths before because of complexity can do monolith recovery in their labs.

Monolith pinout research via logic analyzer

The event started from reviewing the classic way of monolith soldering and reading. In-depth information was provided about Monolith Pinout Research and the main problems that may occur when recovering monoliths with unknown pinout. The ACE Lab speakers helped the guests to understand how they can search pinout layout manually and what skills and tools they need for that.


Monolith recovery becomes easy like never before

The most impressive part of the Monolith Meetup was ACE Lab’s new revolutionary technique to recover data from damaged monoliths. No advanced soldering skills are required.

This method is implemented in our new PC-3000 Flash Spider Board Adapter which is designed to get connected to technological pins of monolithic Flash devices.

The main features of the Spider Board Adapter:

  • Doesn’t  require soldering to the technological pinouts, which saves time, reduces the risk and makes monolith recovery process convenient like never before
  • 25 specialized needles will enable you to find a convenient way of connecting to pinouts, no matter how they are located
  • GND and VCC pins are fixed by screw connectors for convenient usage
  • The adapter is developed specifically for using with microscope

With the Spider Board Adapter it is possible to:

  • Fine-tune the connectors on the software level
  • Save the previous pinout settings in a file to use in similar cases
  • Maintain constant 5V or control VCC (1.8 V-3.6 V) power supplies
  • Control the adapter power supply via software
  • Recover data from partially damaged/formatted/erased SD and MicroSD cards as a fully functional Card Adapter.

The new adapter is compatible with PC-3000 Flash Reader ver. 4.0.

Minimal Soldering - Minimal Risks

The Spider Board Adapter works with all monolith form factors:

  • MicroSD
  • SecureDigital
  • UFD
  • MemoryStick
  • eMMC (can read chips via SD protocol)

Nowadays, market trends are changing especially quickly, so it is extremely important to stay aware of the latest challenges. ACE Lab Monolith Meetup has helped the engineers who are involved in monoliths data recovery to come together and discuss the up-to-date solutions to the most common tasks and cases which seemed very complicated.

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