04, 2015

PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.0.3 is available now

The following English software update is released:

PC-3000 Flash software Ver. 7.0.3

In this release, the PC-3000 Flash software has been optimized for working both with the Reader Ver.4.0 and Ver. 3.0. A lot of new useful features have been introduced.

New algorithms:

  • Block number for SM SD/CF:
    - Full support of the SM2702/SM2683B/F algorithm;
    - Partial support of the 2236G/2232T and 2234H (without channel synchronization);
  • Improved algorithm for the assembly of MW6208E; support of MW8209 has been added
  • Algorithm for the assembly of Samsung S3C49JAX02

Enhancements of the Visual Block Cut:
  • It has become possible to view service information based on a selected mask (the mask is set for 4 arbitrary bytes of the service area)
  • New functionality for running the current preparation on a Transform graph

Interface enhancements:
  • In the Readout mode, the window of the Readout Process Parameters has been improved
  • In the Reading mode, most of the parameters were transferred to the hidden part of the window. The change of these parameters is recommended for advanced users only.

Other useful features:
  • Block rotation algorithm for PS8035/8210 with the MLC/TLC chips has been added
  • New types of ECC algorithms have been added
  • It has become possible to re-download the latest versions of the PC-3000 resources. It may be helpful after making changes to the database
  • In the RAW Recovery mode, there is new functionality for recovering .mov files consisting of 2 chains, where the body lies in front of the file header. It will prove helpful if the information about the file location is lost.

All authorized technical support users will be able to get the latest software version for their PC-3000 Flash.

Please contact us to find out how to become an authorized technical support user.

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