25, 2015

Still spending a lot of time to recover Western Digital Self-Encrypting Drives?

The unique method firstly and solely developed by ACE Lab makes one more breakthrough in recovering data from the encrypted WD!

Now you can recover data from Self-Encrypting Drives which are encrypted not by the USB bridge but via the Main Drive Processor. 

Our newest proprietary method implemented in WD Marvell utility empowers you to forget about any donors when recovering data from all kinds of encrypted WD drives.

Earlier, when dealing with the damaged Self-Encrypting Drives (SED), it was necessary to transfer the encrypted image from a damaged drive to a donor drive before starting the data recovery process. It took a lot of time to transfer the data, to find an appropriate donor and to buy it.

Starting from now, the PC-3000 users get the opportunity to use a unique time-saving method to recover data from WD Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) encrypted by the Main Drive Processors, such as 88i9045, 88i9146, 88i9346, 88i9446, 88i1047, etc.


The main feature of such hard drives is that they not only have the User Area encrypted, but also have the Service Area access blocked. Usually, when the access to the Service Area is unblocked, the User Area data cannot be decrypted at once, and it is impossible to work with the Service Data and User Data simultaneously.

The extended functionality of the PC-3000 utility for encrypted WD Marvel HDDs enables to overcome this restriction due to the unique software decryption of the User Area "on the fly". This approach makes it possible to work with such drives in the Data Extractor directly without transferring the encrypted image to another drive.

Moreover, the data can be decrypted even if user forgot the password!

This technology created by ACE Lab is not available anywhere else.

Being at the front edge of data recovery technologies, ACE Lab is happy to share the innovations with you in the latest PC-3000 software version 5.9.21 which will be released soon.

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