22, 2014

PC-3000 SAS V. 5.7.5 and Data Extractor V. 5.1.15 released

PC-3000 SAS kernel

  • Added shortcuts for quick start without channel selection
  • Bug fix in the data reading mode for SATA HDD
  • Fixed the progress "overflow" error
  • Redesigned selection of the drives connected to external controllers, 'Refresh' command in the menu now updates the configuration of Windows devices while configuration updated in the Device Manager refreshes the list of drives available for selection
  • Redesigned functionality of the status indicators, added support for the activity of SPTI drives

Universal utility
  • Fixed HDD clone tool, which failed to start for drives larger than 2 Tb
  • Redesigned the complex test, which now is identical to the complex test in PC-3000 (Express/UDMA/Portable)

  • Optimized the translator generation algorithm
  • Added support for the Savvio 15K.2, Cheetah NS.2, Savvio 10K.4, Constellation.2, Constellation ES.2, Savvio 10K.5, and Savvio 15K.3 drive families
  • Optimized the algorithms for retrieval of the tables of modules, configuration pages, and reading of defect lists
  • Added ROM reading functionality for the Cheetah 10K.6, Cheetah 10K.7, Cheetah 15K.3, and Cheetah 15K.4 drive families

  • Redesigned logical scanning functionality to match that of the universal utility

Fujitsu, HGST, Maxtor, Seagate
  • Logical scanning tests have been revised. Now they are inherited from the universal utility
  • Utilities have been adapted to work with Unicode strings

Data Extractor
  • DEViewer, fixed the error occurring during selection in the search results ("Index is out of Bound!" message)
  • Changed the directory parsing algorithm used in FAT partition analysis
  • For data copy creation tasks the file saving mode has been altered in cases when sectors from the file map have not been retrieved by reading, implemented asynchronous recording to two destinations (to a copy and to file), which considerably accelerated data saving rate
  • Added timeout restriction for calculation of the number of files and their volume while copying files from the explorer view. If the process times out, statistics is displayed without percentage and completion time estimates
  • Added calculation of the GREP search progress (%, rate...)
  • Added in tasks without data copy creation option the ability to read via a specific utility
  • Fixed the error making in some cases the 'Scan selected chains' menu command inaccessible in object map mode
  • Added calculation of the map export progress to another medium (%, rate...)
  • Added the opportunity to save default settings of the task being created (with the corresponding button on the Options tab)
  • 'DRQ' tab has been added to the parameters of tasks without data copy creation option for drives connected to onboard ports
  • Fixed the error that occurred while opening a saved map from the shortcut menu of a drive
  • Revised the error handling logic used while copying via the active utility (preventing a jump on error)
  • Added the opportunity to view/edit/add comments to files and folders received from the customers (generated by DEViewer) or entered by the user
  • Fixed the error handling logic used while copying via the active utility
  • Fixed the error in the 'Quick disk analysis' mode causing PC-3000 to unload after switching to a window belonging to another application
  • Report prepared while saving files is now generated in Unicode
  • Fixed the error that left inaccessible the menu items related to the checked files and folders in filtered view and interfered with preservation of the checkbox status whenever list/tree view was toggled
  • Fixed the error preventing report export/import to/from a directory named using non-Latin characters
  • Considerably extended the list of supported variations for decoding of file and folder names in UFS, EXT, XFS, and Reiser file systems (added all basic variations)
  • Fixed the installer error that prevented substitution of the editor/sector viewer component, which caused Access Violation at an attempt to invoke it
  • Fixed the error in the 'Raw recovery' mode, which rarely occurred after addition of long comments and interrupted the ongoing process
  • 'Export report' and 'Import report' commands have been added for virtual file systems generated as results of analysis. 'Make snapshot' command has been added for native file systems, resulting in a virtual file system for which report export/import can be carried out
  • 'Export report' is intended for preparation of the data required by DEViewer.exe
  • 'Import report' is intended for loading of DEViewer.exe output to DE explorer
  • DEViewer.exe does not require installation, it allows the customers to view on their side the provided database of a specific file system, select the necessary files and folders, add comments, and generate a response file with changes, which can be loaded in DE
  • Fixed an externally introduced error causing the program to freeze upon massive map changes (for example, legend modification)
  • Fixed an externally introduced error sometimes causing Access Violation while opening a map
  • Fixed the error manifesting itself while writing to the destination drive during multipass copying
  • Fixed missing translations of the selection export/import commands in the shortcut menu for a file system
  • Added the opportunity to save/load information about selected files and folders
  • NTFS: fixed the error occurring at an attempt to open a file's bitmap in cases, when record 0 and its copy are corrupted but MFT record of the file has been found
  • Fixed the error occurring during copy creation in multipass mode for a map from multiple short chains, when there is no need to read most sectors of the chains
  • Disabled focus switching to the status panel when a process is started
  • Added status display for copy creation processes
  • Added redrawing of an object's map when it is used to initiate other tools (e.g., sector editor)
  • Fixed the error occurring during selection of files and folders in the results of directory analysis and filtering
  • Added functionality for convenient operations with a drive in copy creation mode in cases when its sector size has to be modified
  • Added storage of selection information in the explorer view. Selection marks are stored correctly now including search and filtering
  • Added the Status tab (next to HEX) that displays during file saving current information about the volume of saved data, copying rate, elapsed and remaining time
  • Added support for VHD virtual drives
  • Fixed memory leak caused by fragmentation in the course of reading with multiple retries
  • Considerably accelerated file saving from the explorer view (at the expense of disabled caching management for the files being saved)
  • Added in the file saving mode the option that allows to determine the strategy while saving identically named files
  • Raw recovery mode:
  • - Added support for new data types (png, vhd, vhdx/avhdx, some ZFS and BTRFS structures)
    - Optimized operations with large lists of resulting data
    - Fixed the error causing freezing with certain data types
  • XFS:
  • - Optimized the partition analysis algorithm
    - Enhanced the partition analysis mode
  • NTFS:
  • - Optimized the algorithm employed while saving compressed files, considerably accelerated the saving performance (especially for large files)
    - Fixed rare error occurring while saving some compressed files
    - Fixed the error introduced in the latest beta version and hiding or causing to disappear the plus controls unfolding their respective folders in the explorer view - Optimized the 'Partition analysis' and 'Search NTFS structures' methods considerably accelerating the analysis of discovered structures in case of large data volume
    - Fixed rare looping error during one of the steps in the 'Partition analysis' and 'Search NTFS structures' procedures
    - Added the opportunity to create an MFT map manually and use it
  • VMFS: added support for large (~1 Tb) files
  • XFS: enhanced the partition analysis mode
  • EXT file system, considerably accelerated the partition analysis mode in case of serious damage to logical structures, added opportunity to process the results when the procedure is interrupted
  • EXT4 file system: fixed the error in generation of free/occupied space maps for partitions larger than 2 Tb
  • FAT file system: fixed the bug causing the program to save files with detected data types in the LostFatObjects directory after partition analysis without their proper extensions
  • exFAT file system, added the boot records and FAT to the occupied space map

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