07, 2014

The new version of PC-3000 Ver.5.7.12 and Data Extractor Ver.5.1.12 are available.

Main changes:

  • The operating speed of all HDDs using PIO for getting access to SA is increased in 3-5 times (for the PC-3000 Express and the PC-3000 UDMA-E controllers)
  • The PC-3000 Portable II system has the updated internal firmware which allows to increase the data reading speed. UDMA66 mode is added for the PC-3000 Portable II (earlier only UDMA33 was supported)
  • The new supported families are added for WD Marvell drives. The possibility of working with the 2nd and 3rd copies of Service Area (earlier only copy0 and copy1 were supported) is added
  • Improved password removing algorithm for Hitachi Arm drives for the families with a non-standard Techno Key
  • Changed Boot Code initialization procedure that allows to transform HDD into Boot Code mode without shorting controller pinouts
  • Doubled speed of saving files from "Explorer" mode (by eliminating the saved file cache management and implementing the asynchronous writing into copy)
  • Added "Status" bar that shows the details about the current process (for example: a number of files to copy, the total amount of copied data, the average and instantaneous copy speed, time spent and projected to the end of the process etc.)
  • Improved operation with VMFS, XFS, EXT2(3,4), FAT, NTFS file systems

WD Marvell
  • Fixed an error with transfering G-List to P-List (Module 34 not found)
  • While reading by ID, when the module size is too large and can not be given to HDD (error with placement the buffer), this module can be read partly by ID
  • Fixed an error with Dir location search, when Dir had been read wrong in ABA/CHS mode
  • Work with 2 and 3 service area copies were added for families which have an appropriate structure in Dir
  • Added the reading of static modules in HDD ROYL
  • Fixed an error with software hanging when the utility starts for HDDs with three jumpers on PCB
  • Added the grouped modules highlight in read/write operations
  • Fixed the process of modules writing, since now it does not break after write errors
  • Work by ID in "SA Modules table" mode was added
  • Supporting module duplicates in “Search modules in SA” mode was added
  • Added possibility to make backup of 03, 33, 34 modules when head is disabled

  • Fixed an error with B2 PROFILE module analysis, which could lead to utility hanging
  • Format test has been finalized. Now T-List cilinders are skipped by utility
  • Fixed an error with head map building in DE on USB drives soldered like SATA adapter
  • Finalized an algorithm of head map changing in RAM for F1 and F2 drive families
  • Fixed an error "FIT End Position not found" in head map building on M8 drives produced by Seagate

Hitachi IBM ARM
  • Password removing algorithm was changed. A new algorithm works more stable and can work with more FW versions
  • If translator address flag is not found, translator initialization is allowed for DE actions. It allows to run the drives without this flag, and it's enough to load PSHT/RDMT into the RAM
  • Removed extra power switcher in the handler of readyness loss

  • Added a new mode of head map building for DE using software translator (when G-List is damaged)

Seagate F3
  • changed the procedure of writing the memory into the Boot Code for more stability
  • changed the procedure of Boot Code initialization

Hitachi native
  • Error “Resource not found...” was fixed

Maxtor, WD Caviar
  • Error “Resource not found...” was fixed

Universal utility
  • Fixed an error with logical scan hanging for UDMA system
  • Added the output of crytical S.M.A.R.T. attributes when utility is started

PC-3000 Kernel
  • Added the mechanism of count restriction profiles (settings group “Profiles”)
  • Fixed an error with COM-port settings in form settings and “Connect COM-port” form
  • Fixed the possible reason of “cascade hangs” for the PC-3000 Express and the the PC-3000 UDMA-E
  • Working speed in techno modes has increased in 3-5 times for the PC-3000 Express and the PC-3000 UDMA-E
  • Renewed the firmware of the PC-3000 Portable adapter and drivers:
  • - speed and reliable performance were increased
    - interactivity with HDD and accessibility of HDD registers during read/write operations were increased
    - increased the compatibility with new OS
  • Fixed the UDMA support in ATA-commander
  • Fixed the error when running more than one utility for one channel

Data Extractor
  • Fixed an error when UDMA and UDMA-E kits couldn't not open tasks, created in the PC-3000 Express for SATA2. SATA3, PATA0, PATA1 ports
  • Fixed an error in search result marks in DEViewer ("Index is out of bound" error)
  • Changed the algorithm of folder analyzing in FAT partition analysis
  • For the task with data copy creation the mode of files saving was changed. When sectors in file map can't be read we realized double asynchronous writing (in a copy and in a file), which increased data saving speed
  • Added a time limit for counting files and capacity during copying from explorer. If the process is not finished in defined time, statistics is shown without percents and estimated completion time
  • Added the calculation of GREP search parameters process (%, speed)
  • Added the possibility of reading via utility for tasks without copy
  • Fixed an error when in some cases the context menu "Scan selected chains" was inaccessible in object map mode
  • Added the calculation of parameters for the process of the map export to another drive
  • Added the possibility to save default parameters of the created tasks (button on Options tab)
  • Added the bookmark "DRQ" in task without copy parameters for a drive, connected to the board ports
  • Fixed an error with the opening an earlier saved map from drive context menu
  • Fixed a logic of error processing during the copy with active utility (when there was no jump in a case of a error)
  • Added the possibility to view/edit/add comments to files and folders, received from a customer (the result of DEView work) or entered by user
  • Fixed a error with a logic of error handling during the copy in active utility
  • Fixed an error in "Quick drive analysis", which led to PC-3000 unload if active window was switched to another application
  • Added the ability to save log files in Unicode format
  • Fixed an error with inaccessibility of some menu, related with marked files and folders in filtrating mode and when mark status was not listed during the switch to list/tree appearance
  • Fixed an error when it was impossible to perform export/import report into /out of the folder with not-Latin letters
  • Extended the conversion options list of file and folder names for UFS,EXT,XFS,Reiser file systems
  • Fixed the installation error, when the component or sector viewer/editor couldn't be exchanged, which led to Access Violation
  • Fixed an error in RAW recovery mode, which appeared when large comments were added
  • For virtual file systems being as result of any analysis, "Export report" and "Import report" methods were added. For "Native" file systems "Made a shot" method was added, the work result of this method is as a Virtual file system where export/import report can be done
  • "Export report" is intended for data preparation used by DEViewer.exe application
  • "Import report" is intended for loading results of DEViewer.exe into DE explorer; DEViewer application doesn't required installation and allows to view file system database on a customer side, mark files and folders, write a comments and form an "answer" file with changes, which can be loaded into DE
  • Fixed an error with application hanging when map was totally changed (for example, changed the legend)
  • Fixed an "Access Violation" error during map opening
  • Fixed "Error write in destination drive" error in multipass copy mode
  • Translated "Export/import marks" of file system menu
  • Added the possibility to save/load information about selected files/folders
  • Fixed NTFS file system error, which appeared during attempt of opening the map of file "bitmap" in case, when 0 record and it's copy are damaged, but MFT file record is found
  • Fixed an error with copy creation for a map from a numerous little chains in multipass mode, when there is no need to read the most part of these sector chains
  • Removed the return to status panel when process is started
  • Added the status appearance for copy creation process
  • Added object map redrawing when other modes are launched from it (for example, sector edit)
  • Fixed an error with mark setting for folders and files in a case of work with results analysis and folders filtering
  • Added the functionality which allows to work with the drive in copy creation mode when there is necessary to change the sector size
  • Added the functionality of saving information about marks in explorer. In this case the marks are saved correctly for search and filtering
  • Added the "Status" page (near the "HEX") for showing the information about saved data capacity, speed of copy, elapsed time and passed time in file saving process
  • Added the vhd virtual drives support
  • Solved the memory leak problem because of fragmentation during the reading with many iterations (this problem appeared at Toshiba drives while reading through the utility)
  • Increased the speed of saving file from explorer mode (because of cashing refuse for saved files)
  • Added the setting, which allows to set the behavior strategy during the saving files with the same names
  • RAW recovery mode:
  • - added the support of new types in (png, vhd, vhdx/avhdx, some structures of zfs & btrfs)
    - optimized the work with numerous results
    - fixed an error with hanging of some types of data
  • XFS file system:
  •  - Partition data analysis algorithm was optimized
     - "Partition data analysis" mode was improved
  • NTFS file system:
  • - Compressed files saving algorithm was optimized, saving speed was increased (especially for large files)
    - Fixed an error with saving of some compressed files
    - Fixed an error in last Beta-version, when the “plus” sign escaped and appeared for folders in explorer
    - "partition data analysis" and "Search NTFS structures" methods were optimized, the analysis of found structures for large data capacities is performed much faster now
    - Fixed the cycling error with one stage methods of "partition data analysis" and "Search NTFS structures"
    - Added the possibility to form and use MFT map manually
  • VMFS file system, large files support (~1Tb) were added
  • XFS file system, "partition data analysis" mode was improved
  • EXT file system, "partition data analysis" mode was significantly increased in a case of serious logical destruction, added the possibility to analyze the results when this mode execution is interrupted
  • EXT4 file system, fixed an error with used/unused map forming for partitions with more than 2Tb
  • FAT file system, fixed an error, when files in LostFatObjects folder after partition data analysis, type of which was detected during process of analysis, have been saved without extensions
  • exFAT file system, added the loading areas and FAT table into used map

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