04, 2023

Contest for the Greatest Data Recovery Case

Dear PC-3000 users,

You are often sending us a great number of incredible stories about your awesome and impressively successful data recovery cases. Someone extracted the data from the NAND Flash Drive that travelled to space, someone did successful data recovery from the RAID that had been almost completely destroyed during the natural disaster and many, many more.

You always inspire us by the great things you do, and we decided that people should know the leaders in person!

ACE Lab is announcing the Contest for the Greatest Data Recovery Case!

Contest conditions:

  • post in your favourite Social network (preferably LinkedIn or any you like) your story of the successful data recovery with the help of PC-3000
  • mention @ACE Lab
  • put the hashtags #acelab #pc3000

ACE Lab will evaluate the most significant and impressive stories.

Photo/video will be appreciated.

Three of the best data recovery cases will be awarded with Super Useful Prizes:

1st place - one year of ACE Lab Technical Support!
2nd place - six months of ACE Lab Technical Support!
3rd place - three months of ACE Lab Technical Support!

The winners will be awarded at the ACE Lab Tech Week in Malaga 4-7 October.

Go ahead! Maybe it’s your story that will be the most outstanding!

We will see your post by hashtag or email us at

* Free TS for the winners will be applied to all PC-3000 tools used in the winner lab!

** Personal data of the clients whose data was recovered should not be disclosed or you should have the written approval by the data holder to mention their information on the Internet.

*** Only official PC-3000 users can participate in the Contest.

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