26, 2021

A new software version of the PC-3000 Ver. 6.9.9, Data Extractor / Data Extractor RAID Edition Ver. 5.12.5, PC-3000 SSD Ver. 2.10.2 has been released

Over the last months, ACE Lab Technical Support engineers received a lot of requests about the Phison-based controllers with the new YMTC memory chips.

ACE Lab developers were able to research these new chips and added them to the current minor software update. Since now, it's possible to work with Phison PS3111-based drives, which have YMTC NAND memory on board.

Besides, the new update brings an opportunity to decrypt the external USB drive Transcend ESD230C with SM2258XT controller. USB box in this drive contains a SATA to USB bridge with encryption. Now it’s possible to reach the data and decrypt it in case if a bridge chip is damaged or not working correctly.

Also, the new software update brings extended loaders support for SM2259XT drives, improvements in software stability and speed.


PC-3000 Portable, Express, UDMA, SAS, Data Extractor, Data Extractor RAID Edition

 ENHANCED  the general speed and software stability

PC-3000 SSD

Phison (SATA): PS3111

 ADDED  support for YMTC chips (firmware P1.x)

Silicon Motion (SATA): SM2258XT

 ADDED  the ability to decrypt data for Transcend ESD230C drives

Silicon Motion (SATA): SM2259XT

 ADDED  T0731A0 loader for IMT28 chips

Hurry up to download the latest version of the English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean software:

  • PC-3000 Portable II-III/Express/UDMA-E software Ver. 6.9.9
  • PC-3000 SAS software Ver. 6.9.9
  • Data Extractor / Data Extractor RAID Edition software Ver. 5.12.5
  • PC-3000 SSD/SSD Extended software Ver. 2.10.2

All authorized technical support users will get the latest software versions. Please contact us to learn more on how to become an authorized technical support user and receive all of the recent PC-3000 Software Updates:


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