05, 2020

A Huge Success of the ACE Lab Online Technology Conference on Data Recovery & Digital Forensics 2020

For the first time, the ACE Lab Technology Conference on Data Recovery & Digital Forensics was held online. Although we really missed our usual in-person component of the Prague event, we were very glad that so many of you could join the live streams on April 23-24, 2020. And this proves just how much the data recovery engineers and digital forensics experts are keen on being up-to-date with the latest advances in the field provided by ACE Lab.

The ACE Lab TechCon 2020 in numbers:

of knowledge sharing & networking
attendees registered
live case demos

This year we conducted 2 identical events for different time zones so that you could choose the most convenient time to attend the conference. Over 1000 people from 92 countries signed up for the meeting and joined in at the various stages of the live streams to ask their questions.

As always, the participants were able to learn new data recovery techniques, to find out smart and easy solutions to the most burning challenges, and to discover different tips & tricks to simplify their work even further. All these and many other features are now available with the latest software update.

During the sessions, we showed 18 live case demonstrations on how to most efficiently recover data and evidence from all types of storage media devices with the PC-3000 Products.

Today you can watch the video of the whole event. If you are interested in a particular topic, please scroll down to find the exact timestamp.

The recording of the 2nd day of the ACE Lab Online Conference
What is new in Data Recovery &
Forensic Data Recovery? ACE Lab plans
The difference between the PC-3000 Portable III and other PC-3000 tools. Closing notes.
PC-3000 Portable III in 2020. The unique universal solution for any type of storage media
Standalone mode: a handy tool for fast drive diagnosis without a host computer Easy Mode: a few click solution for digital forensic examiners and beginners to solve the majority of cases
Full-Featured Mode: USB Host port with a new ACE Lab independent driver for USB devices (HDD/Flash/SD/mSD) Full-Featured Mode: Fast imaging in DE from Port 0 to Port 1 / Port 2 (max speed ~500 MB/s)
The most efficient solutions to the modern HDDs challenges
Western Digital SMR drives: how to deal with the translator and drive zeroing issues Seagate: safe solutions for "No HOST..." and Device Fault issues The Write Blocking.
PC-3000 SSD for NVMe interface: a showcase in action
The evolution of PCIe NAND-based drives The growing market of PCIe NVMe SSDs: challengesand expectations
Logically damaged NVMe drives. Complex Hybrid Apple Fusion Physically damaged NVMe: Phison PS5007 data recovery
The trusted power of the PC-3000 Flash
New in the PC-3000 Flash: a map of unused blocks The Complex Operations. Live demo
The methods to improve a memory dump quality. Live demo Optional interface optimization: for beginners and forensic examiners. GSC in transform graph. Live demo
A review of new features in Data Extractor
Additional maps: how to get extra information right after the imaging The new abilities of the NTFS analysis: how to find the best version of the important file
The safe and quick way to mount a drive to the OS The process queue: how to automate your routine

See you next year in Prague!

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