16, 2020

The New PCIe x16 SSD Adapter Is Now Available for Order!

We are glad to announce that the new PCIe x16 SSD Adapter for custom and native NVMe SSDs with PCIe x1-x16 interface is now available for order!

The new adapter is extremely useful for the work with the drives that have a full-size PCIe bus as the only option to plug an SSD (e.g. Intel DC P4618, Samsung PM1733). You may come upon such drives in server platforms and data centers because they are very stable and powerful. However, the bad sectors can still appear due to prolonged use. In this case, the new PCIe x16 SSD Adapter paired with the PC-3000 Portable III helps to bypass bad sectors and get data from an SSD.

The adapter supports the PCIe NVMe SSD, e.g.:

You can also connect different adapters for SSDs with non-standard physical interface, e.g.:

The adapter has successfully passed several stages of testing. During one of them, we managed to recover data from the Plextor PX-512M8SeY PCIe SSD, which froze the Operating System and didn’t provide access to data.

After connecting the SSD to the PC-3000 Portable III via the new adapter, we got data stored on the devices. The full process is described in the article on our Blog.


Get the PCIe x16 SSD adapter
for the PC-3000 Portable III

Get the Set of Adapters for PCIe SSD
for the PC-3000 Portable III

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