23, 2008

The new version 4.04 of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA and Data Extractor UDMA

We did the folowing overpatchings:

21.10.2008 Release of the new version 4.04 (English) is uploaded

20.10.2008 DataExtractor:

  • for virtual sections, which are the result of logical scanning is released "filter" mode, which allows to fulfill quick files and folders searching.

17.10.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • shared access to data with nonsynchronous update information about domain list error is corrected

15.10.2008 WD Marvell:

  • decryption vendor Specific HDD errors decryption is appended

15.10.2008 All utilities:

  • an opportunity of interrupting search operations in database is appended

14.10.2008 Uploaded release of version 4.03:

14.10.2008 WD Marvell:

  • interpretation head card of Aquarius family error is corrected "HDD resources view and editing" mode is appended

14.10.2008 DataExtractor:

  • in sector editor we appended shift display in hexadecimal view in status line

12.10.2008 DataExtractor:

  • error, which arose in the rare case of extends' ( which desribe MFT list position with correct 0-record or its copy) damages is corrected
  • an opportunity of building the map of used/unused space is appended for some cases, when 0-record of MFT list and its copy are damaged, but it is possible to find the record, described $Bitmap
  • for virtual sections, which are the result of logical scanning "filter" mode is released, which allows to fulfill quick searching of files and folders.
  • index processing in Extended file is appended which was not realized before
  • for virtual sections, which are the result of logical scanning "filter" mode is released, which allows to fulfill quick searching of files and folders.

03.10.2008 Maxtor:

  • automatic mode launching errors are corrected
  • sA structure checking report is modified
  • self test launching error is corrected (all copies of cleared logs record)
  • module record from database error is corrected

03.10.2008 WD Marvell:

  • while Self test launching log erase option is appended (E6)

26.09.2008 WD Marvell:

  • we appended formatting error code checking, translator scaling and recovering P-List from Self Test logs

23.09.2008 Quantum, build

  • module list rereading algorithm is modified

23.09.2008 WD Caviar Cyl32:

  • ID HDD reading error is corrected (techno ON was not available)
  • we corrected the error of calibrator launching while clear SA error

19.09.2008 WD Caviar Cyl32:

  • defect report formation error after logical scanning launching is corrected

19.09.2008 WD Marvell:

  • ABA record for Jupiter family error is corrected

18.09.2008 Quantum, build

  • scheme of parallel working of the Quantum utility and Data Extractor is updated

18.09.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • scheme of parallel working of the IBM-HITACHI utility and Data Extractor is updated

18.09.2008 Fujitsu, build

  • scheme of parallel working of the Fujitasu utility and Data Extractor is updated

18.09.2008 Seagate, build

  • scheme of parallel working of the Seagate utility and Data Extractor is updated

15.09.2008 WD Marvell:

  • we corrected the error of Dir module writing and formation in module searching mode on search results

15.09.2008 DataExtractor:

  • an opportunity of interrupting virtual file system initialization is appended
  • used/unused map formation error is corrected
  • catalog file scanning algorithm is updated - in this version scanning is performed also in case when Extends file is damaged and when complete data regarding to Catalog file location is absent

12.09.2008 WD Marvell:

  • for Jupiter family we developed SA access programme translator
  • modules reading/writing hardware command addressing error is corrected
  • modules reading/writing hardware command is available in "Module reading" and "Module writing" modes
  • modules hardware checking is placed into separate menu-item, because while its performance both copies are checked in the same time
  • in Self test mode current test pointer error is corrected
  • in "ID data editing" Max LBA setting error is corrected
  • for "Sabre" and "Mammoth" families ROM record error is corrected

12.09.2008 Samsung:

  • new FirmWare BT for TRIDENT family is appended
  • ROM record for Delphi is appended
  • ROM record for Poseidon is appended

12.09.2008 DataExtractor:

  • "Interrupt copying on bad sectors" option is appended into parameters. It allows to interrupt chain copy creation while reading errors occurs. While working from "Map" mode, this option allows to gate through chains which cause an error when they are being copied.

10.09.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • iformation algorithm is appended into User Mode. At the same time the HDD is scanning the surface by itself and places defects into G-List. After it you can place defects from G-List into P-List.

04.09.2008 Samsung:

  • new Firmware BQ for T133 family is appended
  • an opportunity to gate through tracks is appended when you reserve and create standard
  • physical reading support for DE is appended

02.09.2008 DataExtractor:

  • additional HDD status tests after reset and supplying power are appended into action scripts processing code at readiness lost and arising errors.
  • without these checkings some HDDs did not go for readiness (with formal availability) or did not respond on commands after script performance.

29.08.2008 WD Marvell:

  • self test script structure auto definition is developed (some available errors regarding to ambiguous compatibility "family - script structure" are corrected)

28.08.2008 WD Marvell:

  • added mode of ROM generation on HDD resources for HDD ROYL

28.08.2008 The Universal Utility:

  • added new advanced realization of reading, writing and verification tests

28.08.2008 Seagate, build

  • added 5400.3 - VENUS family

28.08.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • NV-RAM selection algorithm is enhanced. Now if HDD hangs on the previous step, to make it working again, not only SoftResest is used, but PWR OFF/ON also, which allows to perform auto selection more effectively.
  • RDMT (G-List) for DJSA family module processing is modified

14.08.2008 DataExtractor:

  • working with card, which contains the huge number of chains (ten thousands) is enhanced. The mode of filling, repainting, sorting is increased and the capacity of using RAM is reduced
  • corrected error which in some cases causes cycling while data copying

07.08.2008 Kernel:

  • the utility launching overpatching is developed, an opportunity to indicate read/do not read ID HDD, reset supply is appended

06.08.2008 The universal utility:

  • verification test is redone

05.08.2008 Maxtor:

  • auto restoration launching error is corrected

05.08.2008 Kernel:

  • searching in log function is appended

05.08.2008 WD Marvell:

  • in "SA catalog" modes we appended hardware diagnostics of modules and "DA structure test"

05.08.2008 Profile Manager:

  • the error of saving profiles list including transfered profiles is corrected
  • profile folder name validity control is appended (control and error correction "/" "\" ":" ">" "<" on "-").

04.08.2008 Released beta-version 4.01:

04.08.2008 Kernel:

  • the "history" of each register is appended
  • the "history" of messages in "Operation" area in utility window is appended
  • the possibility of menu content display is appended in utility window
  • "Utility expansion" is appended ("Settings" -> "Utility Expansion display") in "Tools" menu level

04.08.2008 Database client:

  • HDD folders searching procedure is enhanced (folders with "H" icon)
  • the possibility to export the found folders is appended

03.08.2008 Maxtor:

  • the algorithm of loading the loader for Sabre2, Sabre, N40P SATA families is redone
  • hardware translator scaling algorithm is modified
  • hardware translator scaling is realized
  • auto recovery LDR-mode is released

16.07.2008 WD Marvell:

  • "Work with ROM" mode is appended -> "ROM restoration: (only in Kernel Mode)
  • in this version is possible to restore ROM on its copies in SA (it is useful while cardboard is replaced - it allows donor board to "match" to HDA)
  • factory SelfTest is appended
  • flashDir - module catalogs and region card reading is appended. It influences on working with copies ("1" copy location definition)
  • for new HDD families (with "ROYL" title) while reading track-1 is developed reading beforу an error (track -1 is not partly formatted)
  • pluggins for FlashDir and Self-Test script are appended
  • compositon reading is modified on separated copies reading while HDD resources reservation into the profile and the database

10.07.2008 DataExtractor:

  • equal SCSI drives identification error is corrected

03.07.2008 Samsung:

  • saving of defects from defect editor is developed for M80 family

30.06.2008 Seagate, build

  • to DataExtractor interface we appended the tools for specialized work with HDD which is exported by the utility
      1. HDD auto initialization while task entrance
      2. HDD error auto specialized processing
      3. HDD auto specialized processing of HDD readiness lost
      4. HDD manual initialization mode
    In this tool we presented download facilities "App", "Ovl 0". "Cert" Here is produced App modification, which allows to solve HDD working deceleration problem while activation.of the mechanism Offline Scan (pending bug). This function allows to radically increase the process of reading users data from damaged drive.

30.06.2008 DataExtractor:

  • "Utility Actions" points are appended to task entrance script, to errors processing script, to actions scrip at readiness loss and to service menu. It allows also to adjust composition and parameters of these actions. Accessibility, composition and parameters are determined by specialized utility. (For today these functions are realized in Seagate utility)

20.06.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • now when you launch formatting there is no necessity to select the file for saving discovered defects

19.06.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • handler of adjustable Custom family is updated for usage in tandem with NV-RAM selection function and with NV-RAM parameters editing dialog

12.06.2008 DataExtractor:

  • the procedure of opening the catalogs included the big number of files is enhanced greatly
  • removal of virtual sectors which does not contain files is appended to data analysis sector algorithm ("NTFS structures searching"). To virtual sectors names we appended the information regarding to the quantity of files and folders.
  • the analysis algorithm itself is enhanced greatly.
  • uncritical errors arising while damaged MFT records analysis are corrected

07.06.2008 Samsung:

  • STORM2 family is appended
  • TRIDENT3 family is appended
  • while writing modules and tracks, the folder Data drive profile is opened in the explorer
  • added error message without exiting from the utility while incorrect modules quantity

15.05.2008 DataExtractor:

  • sector editor now memorizes its last size and location and, while the second opening, restores it without opening for a full screen

15.05.2008 WD Marvell:

  • at reading/writing operation the module copy accessibility control is appended (if HDD had no access to SA on ABA, so Access Violation error appeared at utility start)
  • utility launching with LDR loading is modified. In 3.49 version while loading LDR from the file the utility was trying to read zone allocation table and HDD hang (while loading LDR from database, the reading of zone allocation table was skipped)

10.05.2008 DataExtractor:

  • exit key button in MFT writing editor was moved to the right in order to avoid stopping power supply of the drive by mistake
  • exit key button in the structure editor was moved to the right in order to prevent power off by mistake
  • "Scan the sector" (if there is no information about Catalog and Extends files location) and "Scan used/unused space" methods are appended
  • more detailed "partition map" is realized

29.04.2008 Samsung:

  • while appending the track defect, sector defects from the table are moved on the equal track
  • according to the results of testing, reading speed of ROM from the terminal is adjusted automatically
  • modified algorithm of switching off heads at setting head map on HDD with 6 heads

29.04.2008 DataExtractor:

  • big catalogs opening is increased greatly
  • "Metadata map" and "metadata map on Bitmap" modes are realized
  • "used/unused" fragments" modes are realized
  • big catalogs opening is increased greatly
  • "Metadata board" and "metadata map on Bitmap" modes are realized

23.04.2008 WD Marvell:

  • an opportunity of interrupting HDD initialization process at the utility launching is appended.(It is useful when HDD hangs while launching)

22.04.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • password removing algorithm for 2.5 '' SATA HDD is simplified (instead of abridging control points on HDD board now it is enough to take the board away from HDA)

21.04.2008 IBM-HITACHI, build

  • NV-RAM selection algorithm is determined for working with SATA drives

16.04.2008 Samsung:

  • speed of ROM reading is increased up to 128000 and more, except for Rubikon family
  • ROM buffer is increased up to 256 Kb for Trident2 and Mango families

11.04.2008 Uploaded release of 3.49 version.

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