11, 2008

The new version 4.13 of PC-3000 for Windows (UDMA)


  • We appended the new utility for all HDDs of Seagate 7200.11 family, which has the following possibilities:
    1. translator regeneration (restoration)
    2. SMART settings recovery, SMART log cleaning
    3. G-list clearance
    4. MR heads test
  • All utility functions do not damage user data!
  • The utility allows to solve the following problems:
    1. HDD is detected in OS, but has 0Gb capacity
    2. HDD does not run the readiness, is not detected in OS, the following messages are ejected to the terminal:
      FlashLED - Failure code:000000CC Failure Address:xxxxxxxx
      FlashLED - Failure code:000000CC Failure Address:xxxxxxxx
  • The expert system which allows to detect HDD failure and remove it in the automatic mode without loss of the user data is appended to the utility. This mode will be very useful for beginners.
  • Reaction to the error during reading of user data by Data Extractor was changed through the utility on the terminal.

Western Digital
  • ROM content automatic recovery mode is appended to WD Marvell for HDD WD ROYL utility. As is well known ROM contains individual adaptive parameters, which cause impossibility to user data recovery in case of damage (loss) of the native PCB. This mode allows to synthesize ROM content and get access to user data automatically. It is enough just to place any board of the same family to HDA and choose "ROM recovery". WD Marvell utility will perform all commands in automatic mode.
  • There are appended new families to the utility: 2,5" Cougar, Denali, Saturn; 3,5" Sequoia PMR, Atlantis, Hulk
  • There is appended vendor Specific errors decipher. These are double-byte codes, which allow to remove HDD failure in the majority of cases.
  • Track writing speed is advanced, forms for reading/writing and viewing modules for ROYl family are improved, the possibility of reading/writing modules on ID is appended.

  • While LDR form DB loading mode is released LDR list automatic update

  • Track reading error indicator spilling is repaired (there was wrong message regarding to track reading error, although track was read correctly)
  • An opportunity of LBA in CONFIG modification in the text "Domain translation list" is appended
  • While ROM reading the terminal rate is advanced
  • Inhibit for using indicated heads (selection in "Utility condition" window). This function is useful for reading data of HDD, which had heads failures.

  • Synchronization was added in the time of notification about upgrading of modules.

PC-3000 ATA Universal utility
  • complex specialized work with HDD of > 2 Tb capacity

Data Extractor UDMA ver. 4.04 new opportunities
  • While data copying together with sector reading LBA number and reading attempt number, in case if head map is formed, head number for present LBA is indicated additionally. This allows to check reading errors on the exact head or surface.
  • In "Object map" mode while loading map from the file we appended the possibility not to erase the present map. It allows to combine maps (e.g. it is possible to make "used" summary map of 2 from the different sections).
  • While you copy chains, repainting and displaying data to Log are improved. This solve hanging problems while reading back and reading huge numbers of short chains.
  • Reading error processing algorithm is modified, which allows to refuse of additional qualifying failure sector reading attempt and use 1 attempt instead of 2, which save time and reduce HDD load in case of HDD unstable reading.
  • In map chain copying mode we appended useful tag "map" and deleted useless tag "HEX".
  • Corrected error in NTFS which appeared in the case, when the copy of sector Boot falls on the last sector of the disk.
  • Corrected error in NTFS which was brought in the last version, in the controlling of the integrity of record MFT for the compressed nonresident files.
  • In NTFS corrected error of the analysis of the 20th attribute for the large catalogs (it was ignored attribute A0 before).
  • It was eliminated the error which appeared along with the creation/opening the task with. Eternal file in a case if this file had been opened by another application (task does not open, if the file is opened exclusively).
  • The file of the map now opens with the options SHARE_READ, SHARE_WRITE.
  • Corrected error which appeared when files with UNICODE name couldn't be deleted in the case of interruption of copying along the button or because of the error of reading.
  • In the editor HEX there is retention of files was removed in the case named "Maximized".

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