03, 2009

The new version 4.24 of PC-3000 for Windows UDMA and Data Extractor UDMA

31.03.2009 The version 4.24 is released!

23.03.2009 WD Marvell:

  • Corrected process of making report on SlfTest logs;
  • Added reading/writing of RAM into HDD resourse editor.
23.03.2009 Samsung:
  • Added family M5_P1;
  • Added corrections for VERNALITE family;
  • Added autodetection for some models of TRIDENT3 family.
23.03.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Added support of Spider family.
23.03.2009 PC-3000 Installation setup:
  • Now it installs Report viewer, Defects table viewer, resources viewer and binary data editor;
  • HDD Reference/Resources can be installed from installation CD.
23.03.2009 DataExtractor:
  • New feature to open task with unread drive ID;
  • Added function for renaming files with the same names when they are being saved;
  • New feature to export search results to map;
  • Fixed error for "on the fly task parameters change";
  • Soft/Hard Reset, Recalibration buttons are now available on the back panel;
  • HFS+ filesystem: now it is possible to scan Catalog-file paritally, also the scan itself was improved;
  • HFS+ filesystem: zero size files error is fixed;
  • NTFS Filesystem: Error that happened when MFT Table that was described with non-resident 20$ attributes was fixed;
  • NTFS Filesystem: Mode for "Non-Resident attributes $20" is added to the utility;
  • NTFS Filesystem: Virtual translator "Out of memory" error was fixed.
17.03.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • Format procedure was changed. Algorhythm was modified to block the IDE channel, when waiting for readinnes.
03.03.2009 Fujitsu, build
  • Format procedure was changed. Algorhythm was modified to block the IDE channel, when waiting for readinnes.
17.03.2009 PC-3000 Kernel:
  • Now you can see the list of all com-ports from your OS.
17.03.2009 WD Marvell:
  • It is possible to have an output with defects number for each head into Self test log report.
17.03.2009 WD (all models), Maxtor:
  • Modules in "modules table" are now highlighted with different colors. Each color depends on importance level.
13.03.2009 Samsung:
  • New Neon family is added;
  • Samsung utility ignores Service messages when reading the ROM;
  • Corrected: At compositional reading of modules the module at full error was saved;
  • The main menu has now the import of resources into the database.
10.03.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • HDx7216xxPLAxxx family is added into PC-3000 Hitachi IBM utility.
03.03.2009 Seagate, build
  • Build head's map initialization dialog is enhanced; read over active PC-3000 utility dialog is improved. Now it is possible to set data transfer speed, turn on or off "Stop spindle before building heads map", turn on or off recalculation/reading log.
03.03.2009 Fujitsu, build
  • Com port initialization error is solved;
  • Now PC-3000 Fujitsy utility can remove passwords from MHW, MHX.
03.03.2009 Seagate, build
  • Now 7200.7, 7200.8, 7200.9, 7200.10 families receive Self-scan repair operations with hiding defects ability;
  • When you work with DE, you can turn on or off journaling while building head map and reading via utility.
27.02.2009 PC-3000 kernel:
  • Now the drive can detect the drive automatically, if this drive can show its id;
  • We have corrected the power supply control error.
27.02.2009 DataBase client:
  • Indication procees was improved, now it is possible to interuupt operation for doing Export, Import, Search, Archiving, Regeneration.
27.02.2009 All WD utilities:
  • Database search algorhythm was changed for MDL1-MDL2.
27.02.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Defect scan and hiding test is added;
  • Formatting speed is now displayed on a diagram;
  • Self-test logs are now displayed;
  • ROM Recovery mode is improved;
  • P-List and G-List writing algorhythm is improved.
11.02.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • HDx7250xxGLA3xx is supported by PC-3000 Hitachi-IBM utility (ZONE module is not disassembled yet).
10.02.2009 WD Marvell:
  • WD Pinnacle PATA family support is added to the utility.
06.02.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Kermit family support is added to the utility.
05.02.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Cypress family is added to the utility.
02.02.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • Group module testing/reading error was fixed.
30.01.2009 Seagate, build
  • Subfamily 7200.10 NHAWK (GALAXY branch) support is added;
  • Subfamily 7200.10 NHAWK PLUS is added.
29.01.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Cougar family is added to the utility.
28.01.2009 Seagate F3, build
  • "SetMax" algorhythm is improved for "LED:CC"/0Gb" problem solution.
21.01.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • HTS7220xxK9xxxx family is added to custom families menu;
  • HTS5432xxL9xxxx family is added to custom families menu.
19.01.2009 HITACHI-IBM, build
  • HTS5425xxK9xxxx family is added to the main support.
15.01.2009 Hitachi:
  • GD module Control sum calculation error is fixed for C4K60.
15.01.2009 Toshiba:
  • All SATA drive families are now supported by the utility.
15.01.2009 WD Marvell:
  • Gekko family support is added to the utility.
  • The version 4.14 is released!

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