30, 2009

The new version 4.38 of PC-3000 for Windows with Data Extractor UDMA

Data Extractor

  • Data Extractor problems that caused BSOD/Reboot have been fixed
  • Marked files report error has been fixed
  • NTFS partitions analysis algorithm has been upgraded. Now catalogue name and link to parent catalog for subcatalog with damaged MFT record can be recovered from the appropriate index slot (if it is possible)
  • Now it is possible to export the tasks using map
  • Data imaging interactivity loss problem has been fixed
  • Low free space on task disk problem has been fixed
  • GREP Search algorithm has been improved which accelerated the search process for several times
  • Left-side panel now has new "Sleep" button
  • Now it is possible to save files and folders with unlimited path length
  • Task parameters has an option to hide "Map" tab after 5 minutes of imaging that allows to switch from map to Log
  • Kernel crash error has been fixed that appeared on task closure
  • Access Violation error when building a head map that used to cause the loss of head map header has been fixed
  • access violation error when switching between log and map tabs during head map building has been fixed
  • FAT partition error appearing on a virtual partition with a filter setting has been fixed

  • 46GSX and 52GSX families head map build methods appears, password erasing and S.M.A.R.T. resetting methods problems have been fixed.
  • support of SATA families 46GSX, 52GSX has been added


  • For Data Extractor "Utility actions" loader mode, now it is possible to set the order of loading:
         (Boot Adapts+Defects) + App
         or App + (Boot Adapts+Defects).
    The first method helps to minimise amount of times when spindle motor starts and stops.
    The second way exactly repeats drive's original method of loading boot-elements of service area. (For some models it is critical)

Hitachi native

  • Techno-key error has been fixed


  • Self-scan launch flag for AVV2 has been changed(form 03 to 01)

WD Marvell

  • "Orion" and "Aquarius" access to SA over CHS problem has been fixed
  • DragFly4 family has been added
  • New mode for switching head off has been added
  • DragFly2 family has been added

All utilities

  • BSOD\Reboot errors have been fixed

PC-3000 Kernel

  • profile managing utility system has been changed


  • Resources database reserving error has been fixed


  • F1_3D family error that caused random data in zone allocation table has been fixed
  • Database resources reserving with drive restarting algorithm error has been fixed.

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