11, 2009

The new version 4.39.5 of PC-3000 for Windows with Data Extractor UDMA 4.14

Data Extractor

  • Access violation error that happened when context menu was launched after file search in sub-catalog has been fixed
  • PC-3000 Kernel error that prevented cloning drives with capacity more than 1GB was fixed
  • We have fixed object image map error that happened when LBA number turn greater than Integer value can support. Several errors with sorting, editing and positioning have been fixed
  • File report log has been fixed
  • System crash error when opening a file system in Data Extractor task has been fixed.
  • Access violation error, when changing task parameters after head map was built, has been fixed
  • New option for Data Extractor task has been added: now it is possible to set a number of ustable sectors at which Data Extractor stops to copy the sector chain (in a row or altogether).

WD Marvell
  • Error regarding ROM control checksum has been fixed
  • RAM Head map errors have been fixed


  • We have fixed Samsung utility problems and blue screen of death problems after two channels working simultaneously.

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