13, 2010

The new version 4.41 of PC-3000 for Windows with Data Extractor UDMA has been released

WD Marvell

  • DragFly1 family is added
  • We have significantly improved ROM automatic recovery on SA data
  • We have added the mode of writing ROM modules from files, and corrected the error when modules formed at ROM recovery were not displayed in file selection form
  • PLUTO (2.5") family is added
  • Database search form now can build a list of all available F/W versions
  • BOBCAT (2.5"), MARINER (2.5") families are added
  • WD Marvell resources now have the modification of profile according to F/W image data, namely:

      "F/W version" (version of module 11) attribute is now calculated which corrects the old resourses (not ROYL) that did not have this attribute at all and some new resources, for example Pinnacle, where F/W version was defined incorrectly. Now you can all WD Marvell resourses according to F/W version.

  • We have added recovery mode for module 47 for non-ROYL HDD
  • JAMAICA (2.5") family has been added
  • Now you can remove passwords at the utility start for JAMAICA (2.5") and MERCURY (2.5") families that do not have access to SA at installed USER PASSWORD
  • All search modes in database have been improved (quick search is now executed according to F/W not MDL)
  • We have corrected the report on defects in SelfTest logs
  • Now the report on SelfTest duration shows duration in minutes
  • Automatic temperature logger has been added
  • In "SA structure test" the work on ID has been made (if SA copies are not available)
  • MIDORI, Tornado 3D falimiles are now supported
  • We have changed FlashDir interpretation algorithm to solve a problem of access to the second SA copy
  • TAHOE, DragFly3 families are added into the supported models

Seagate F3

  • Now ID pages are saved in service information reservation
  • Database documents properties have now the new parameter FW Package Version, which allows to identify and search resources in database more efficiently
  • The strategy of solving LED CC problem has been changed:
      - we have simplified transfer of such hard drives into diagnostic status ES.2
      - we have added reservation of ROM, CP, modules before recovering HDD with LED: CC problem
      - we have implemented algorithm of HDD restoration with LED: CC problem without a necessity to regenerate translator
  • The strategy of password unlock has been changed
  • Now you can switch on and off power supply and continue reading if your Hard Disk Drive hangs when reading modules
  • We have corrected the error in the function of writing modules from database
  • The following functions have been added into the utility:
      - reading ROM on ATA
      - reading/writing CP on ATA (currently, writing only in RAM)
      - reading/writing of modules on ATA
      - reservation of service information on ATA (ROM, CP, modules)
      - password unlock (through interfaces ATA + terminal)
      - functions of work with database (import/export/template creation)


  • Hdx7210SLAxxx family is now supported
  • We have added NV-RAM setting (donor one instead of the lost original one) for ATMR, HTS548, HTS726 families


  • Now the window where you choose a family has a new button "Recalibration"
  • M7S2 family has been added
  • SpinPoint F3 family has been added
  • We have corrected the error connected with overflow of S-LIST in "S-LIST recovery"
  • Now defect editor has a menu "Remove defects in zone"
  • We have corrected the error of wrong SPT cylinder detection in head test
  • We have corrected the error of inputting double message "sector reading error"
  • MT1 2.5" family has been added
  • Reading of ROM for F1_3D and F2_EG has been added
  • We have added writing of ROM for P80M, T166(S), STORM2, PARAGON, F1_3D, F2_EG, M40S, M60(S), M80(S), MANGO families
  • Now head map is outputted from ROM in STORM2, TRIDENT3, PARAGON, MAGMA, M40S, M60(S), M80(S), MANGO, M5P1, F1_3D, F2_EG families.
  • M6S_2D family has been added
  • You can save track defects after formatting
  • Autodetection of some models from MANGO family has been added
  • Input of head test has been added
  • Cursor keeps its position when positions in "Burn-Script" editor are removed
  • Now you can interrupt utility initialization
  • We have added output of zone numbers in report about ALIST defects
  • The speed of writing modules is considerably increased for all families
  • The window where you choose families has a new look now
  • There are more describtions of BURN-test commands


  • search info interface now has ability to show the list of all ROM checksums
  • "FMTI edit" mode now can recover zone profiles with heads when FMTI module is damaged

Database server and client software

  • search mode in database is upgraded, now it is possible to paste querry HDD info
  • directory selection is improved (is used in all writing database modes), we have added the button "HDD Folder"
  • dedicated database procession is improved
  • search mode, that can search database changes for synchronization over export/import, is added

PC-3000 Kernel

  • soft-reset algorithm is improved (some drives used to hang in the previous version)

Data Extractor
  • Now it is possible to execute script in scenarios
  • You can switch intefaces for task (ATA0/ATA1) for the task you opened
  • Now it is possible to copy data from sector map with a certain number of retries with different parameters
  • File map is built accurate within the sector (it is built accurate to cluster previously)
  • HFS+ recovery methods are optimized. Speed results when disk partition are scanned are considerably improved.
  • NTFS methods error is fixed
  • Now it is possible to pause NTFS and HFS+ logical analysis
  • You can use and save the script when new task is created
  • Cancel selection button is added to "Explorer mode"
  • Parameter's button is moved to process panel (for example "read using map" option)
  • Now Data Extractor does not add "root" to path, when the files are saved
  • Completely new Raw recovery mode is introduced. Now it works much more efficiently
  • New "skip specified reading after jump" option is added.
  • When entering a new task now it is possible to set "work with copy only" option, that prevents utility from accessing drive and even its power supply control
  • Now it is possible to modify "legend" for selected map chains
  • The error in "clear undread sectors" algorithm is fixed
  • Now Data Extractor replaces all forbidden characters in filenames
  • Build head map method error is fixed. It is done to last LBA number before, now it works for specified range only
  • Now it is possible to change task parameters "on the fly"
  • FAT: build used/empty space map is improved and significantly hastened up
  • FAT: three modes of data recovery for FAT partitions are made. Its possible to work on 1st, 2nd and both copies
  • NTFS: New option that shows deleted files is added to explorer mode.
  • NTFS: New method "Scan MFT+INDX" is added. It helps to replace "DIR######" to the real file/catalog name
  • NTFS: build map with $BitMap, build attributes $20 map and metadata reading methods were improved
  • HFS+: metatada integrity check is improved
  • HFS+: Scan CatalogFile method algorithms are improved
  • HFS+: Metadata reading is improved

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