15, 2010

The new version 4.5.4 of PC-3000 for Windows with Data Extractor UDMA

WD Marvell

  • We have updated the method of converting logical defects LBA into physical P-List (in order to increase the conversion speed and assignment safety).
  • We have corrected the error of assigning sector defects after logical scanning.
  • View of defect tables: Relo-List and T-List have been added.
  • We have added checking of module version into ROM building on SA data.
  • Some errors at work on HDD with capacity > 1 Tb have been corrected (performance graph).
  • "Plugin" to work with Module 47 Preamplifier DAC tables has been introduced. It helps to set better reading.
  • SA physical reading methods have been improved. Now there is no error when tracks reading mode detects incorrect SA capacity.
  • "Changing head map in RAM" mode has been added for WD Marvell (non ROYL).
  • New utility for WD HDD with USB interface has been added - "WD Marvell USB".
  • We have added ROM selection mode for Marvell WD HDD (non ROYL).

Seagate Arh.F3
  • The utility modes have now " immediate " reaction to task interruption button.
  • Memory reading-writing has been added into mode that views service information objects.
  • HDD password clearance for 7200.12 Seagate families is now available.
  • Function that changes model name has been added. ATTENTION! This feature functions only on these HDDs in which F/W supports regeneration of model name through "Saved Mode Pages". For those F/W where there is no such support, our new feature functions but model name in ID won't be changed.
  • Password removal and LED: CC unlock window has been changed. New methods with spindle motor contacts isolation have been added.

  • We have conducted the works to solve the problem of error head map building in Data Extractor on Samsung drives if some zones are sequentially translated on one head.

  • S.M.A.R.T. clearance mode has been improved.
  • 25GAL, 31GAL families are supported now.
  • We have corrected the error of defects assignment in G-List.
  • When you read data through Terminal and reading errors appears, read data will be always saved now.

  • We have made some optional changes of utility face (see laying "view" of dialogue settings).
  • Paste from Clipboard command is added.

Data Extractor
  • We have added a possibility to verify standardly connected disks into computer.
  • We have added a mode to build map out from verification results.
  • Data Extractor has now the alternative mechanism of head map building for HDD if some zones are sequentially translated on one head (for example Samsung HDDs).
  • We have corrected the error when results of raw recovery were saved.
  • Sectors block reading algorithm reaction on reading error has been improved. Now if an error occurs, it reads single sector in PIO mode.
  • FAT16 Translator - we have corrected the error that appeared when you added incorrect shift points at FAT table analysis.
  • Translator mode - LBA field is unlocked in shift points search (you can set the value manually).
  • Now folders with forbidden symbol '/' in the name are saved. It is important for HFS+.
  • For HFS+ we have added indexes to increase the speed of result processing.
  • For HFS+ now "Scan partition" context menu is always available.
  • For FAT32 we have corrected the error when files of size more than 2 Gb couldn't appear in explorer at some circumstances.
  • We have solved the issue when the last symbol in file or catalogue name is dot '.' (it is important for HFS+).
  • Multipass copy mode supports scripts now.
  • Now multipass copy can attach the alternative map to the certain parameters.
  • Multipass copy has the added possibility to change action order.
  • Pattern used at filling is saved now not in task but globally.
  • We have corrected the error at copying in several passes, map chains were read not taking into account the sorting.
  • We have corrected the error at copying in several passes for selected chains , earlier inaccurate length of chain was used.

Universal Utility
  • We have corrected several errors at working on HDD with capacity > 1 Tb (performance graph).

Client and database server
  • Search mode has been modernized.

  • We have done several optional modifications of utility face (see "View" tab in setting dialog).
  • "Clipboard" paste command has been added into Terminal.

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