11, 2012

New features of Toshiba utility in PC-3000 for Windows 5.1 with Data Extractor UDMA 4.8.2

We have developed unique technique of accessing data in Toshiba HDD (all families) with damaged G-LIST.

Damage of G-LIST is a common failure in the modern Toshiba HDD. It is caused by malfunctions at defect adding during Off-line scan. As a result, G-LIST format turns out to be damaged, HDD stops working and attempts to clear it do not produce positive result. There were no solution to this problem until recently.

New technique developed by ACE company enables to get access to data in technological mode, while virtual translator creation and ECC correction are done automatically. For a user it looks like a standard work in Data Extractor when you use active Toshiba utility.

New version of PC-3000 UDMA Ver. 5.1.0 that supports this feature is available in update boxes of all Technical Support users.

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