10, 2012

Update for PC-3000 UDMA Ver. 4.9.1 and Data Extractor Ver. 4.7.1 is released!

Seagate (Arch F3)

  • ROM wizard has been added:
          - structure analysis, selects and enables to edit (manually and move from another ROM) RAP/CAP/SAP/IAP;
          - commutator head map editing;
          - logical head map editing;
          - ID parameters in ROM (model, SN, assemble date) editing.
  • RAM head map change tests has been added:
          - current commutator head map;
          - logical head map (depop);
          - enhanced menu structure.
  • Improved translator recovery function. More efficient solution for translation recovery uncertain situations that happens with BAD sectors areas works;
  • Enhanced password removal function. Now it can work on Barracuda Green as well.

Seagate (U5, Barracuda xx)
  • Baud speed rate is now possible to change within the utility
  • "HDD Initialization" menu has next components added:

    - Loader loading;
    - HDD initialization with editing head map in RAM. This feature implements "Utility Actions" functionality, it used from Data Extractor task creation, and it helped to initialize hard drives with serious damages (also with seriously damaged heads).

WD Marvell
  • For hard drives that have ABA access to Service area, CHS access is possible with software translation method;
  • Now it is possible to select CHS or ID mode SA access for Modules reading with ID, editing defect lists and Dir editor;
  • "Recalculate Dir" button is added to "Utility status" dialog window;
  • "Change head map in RAM" mode algorithms has been improved. Error of searching map for non ROYL HDD has been corrected;
  • "Slow responding problem solution" mode has been corrected;
  • "Verification" test mode has been added to "Scan and hide defects" mode;
  • "Scan and hide defects" mode now supports HDD with capacity greater than 2 TB;
  • "Draco" family has been added to WDC Marvell family list.

WD Marvell USB
  • Module writing errors have been corrected;
  • "Scan and hide defects" mode does not interact with ATA interface.

WD Caviar Cyl32
  • "Change head map in RAM" mode has been added.

WD Caviar Cyl32 (SATA)
  • "Change head map in RAM" mode has been added;
  • Kernel mode LDR Loading method for "Odyssey" and "Hercules" HDD families has been added.

  • "HDD initialization with editing head map in RAM" mode for Trinity HDD has been added;
  • Changing head map in RAM algorithm has been improved;
  • Level of importance column on modules reading/writing dialog windows has been added;
  • Now you can sort modules according to columns
  • FIPS module reading and writing algorithms have been added
  • "FIPS module clearance" test has been added;
  • F3_4D family terminal interaction has been added;
  • Compatible, platform ID burn-resources search method for Trinity families has been added;
  • Added M8E family support;
  • Now you can change head map in RAM on Trinity HDD family;
  • Added combined (physical + logical) test of HDD surface;
  • Various surface tests are now in one sub-menu;
  • SMART reset command has been replaced by another more efficient one for Trinity HDD family drives.

  • Added mode of starting "PCB ONLY". It enables to start utility when work only with PCB is possible;
  • "Module reading", "Resource reservation", "SA structure test" tests now have the button that help to skip the module being currently read. It enables to save time by skipping badly damaged modules;
  • Interrupting test methods have been corrected (earlier in some cases it was not possible to interrupt test until it was completed).

  • 59GSXP, 61GSY, 64GSY, 65GSX families has been added;
  • For 55GSX, 59GSX, 59GSXP, 65GSX families "G-List clearance" and "Transfer from G to P-List" modes have been implemented;
  • Corrected sizes of CPs;
  • Enhanced and improved defect management;
  • Head test has been added.

Universal Utility
  • All tests with access on LBA are improved to support HDD with "multiple" access (HDD in which physical sector corresponds to several logical sectors, for example 4K).
  • We have enhanced the productivity diagram view mode.
  • We have improved defectoscope (errors of working with HDD > 2 TB are corrected).

  • File open/save dialogs and open utility profile folder methods have been improved;
  • Power supply indication has been added to power control buttons.

Data Extractor (File systems)

FAT file system:
  • Added control of integrity of analyzed FAT table sectors;
  • Added first-time automatic launch of "Partition data analysis" mode if root folder is empty.
ReiserFS file system: faster file map building;

HFS+ file system:
  • enhanced work at building map of selected files in root folders;
  • greatly accelerated process of building map for virtual partition that is the result of scanning;
  • greatly optimized and accelerated work with Native system including catalogue opening, searching and map building;
  • improved Volume Header window layout.
NTFS file system:
  • "NTFS structure search" and "Partition analysis" modes has been modified and improved;
  • now parts indicated in attribute (B0) are added into non-resident catalogue map as unused;
  • request for complete rescanning is added into "Partition data analysis" mode.
UFS1(2) file system:
  • "Partition data analysis" mode has been added;
  • superblock window layout has been modified;
  • building of partition map has been improved and works much faster than before.
XFS file system: improved "Partition data analysis", faster building of partition map.

EXT2,3,4, file system: improved "Partition data analysis" mode, faster building of partition map.

Data Extractor (general)
  • Marked files and folders report is saved into catalogue of task with unique name including date and time;
  • Now name of file currently being copied is displayed in explorer panel;
  • Modified power supply control on DE task manager form and on task form;
  • Now you can add system SSD into list of "Only for reading" devices onto which you can’t make copies;
  • In raw recovery mode now you can create virtual partitions of the following file systems: NTFS, FAT, ExtX, UFS1, UFS2, XFS, ExFAT, HFS+. It is available from context menu for the following types of files: BootNTFS, FAT Folder, TableF16, TableF32, UFS1 SB, UFS2 SB, XFS SB, BootExFAT, HFS. Beginning and size of partition is determined automatically.
  • At all file systems (including virtual ones) you can control if headers of files and catalogues (non-resident) are valid or not. Red color shows truly bad ones, green color stays for truly good ones.
  • "Raw recovery" mode:

    - added search of service structures of file systems: exFAT, HFS+, XFS, ExtX, UFS1/UFS2, ReiserFS;
    - added search of non-resident NTFS indices;
    - "Quick analysis of disk" method is optimized: speed is higher and memory usage is more efficient;
    - implemented support of file systems /UFS2, ReiserFS, XFS, HFS+, EXT2,3,4;
    - implemented creation of virtual partitions FAT16 and FAT32 when Boot sectors and/or FAT tables are absent;
    - implemented correct addition of virtual partitions XFS, EXT2,3,4, UFS1/UFS2 if the first superblock is damaged;

  • Added one-time automatic start of method if MBR,GPT,APM are absent or damaged.
  • Now settings have switching on/off control of cashing writing into image files;
  • Added automatic limitation of copy file size when drive sector size is more than 512 Bytes;
  • Anisochronous writing into image file timeout has been increased
  • Map tab has now "pause" button that enables to switch off of map autosynchronization during copying method;
  • Modified way of map scrolling.

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