14, 2012

On Company's 20th Anniversary, ACE evaluates the success and plans the future work

ACE company is celebrating its 20-year anniversary as a key developer of professional data recovery products and services.

20 years — is not much for a human, but it is a considerable age for the company working in IT technology and innovating such rapidly evolving industry as data recovery.

ACE traces its roots back to even earlier than 1992, when our technical director, Vadim Morozov, being the university graduate presented his diploma project — PC-2000, tester for diagnosing and repairing HDD with MFM/RLL interface.

It was a true innovation that was realized later into world-known PC-3000 product.

After the breakup of the Soviet Union, 90s were extremely challenging times in Russia when you should have had dare-devil courage to establish new company and develop your own products. A group of talented developers with the tremendous wealth of ideas and rich experience in developing Hard Disk Drives put their energy and inventive abilities to create solutions for recovering data from HDD. They were the first in the world to offer professional data recovery solutions which are the most efficient tools over the last 20 years.

Now our company has a big staff of bright, unique professionals who are dedicated to offer more and more opportunities for data recovery businesses. Passion for excellence, abilities to find innovative non-standard solutions, customer care and hard work are our main distinguishing features.

This anniversary celebration isn’t only about ACE company. It’s about you — our customers, each of you who trusts your business to our solutions, about those, who send us feedback, testimonials, recommendations, cooperate and share opinions with us, especially about those who were with us long ago when very few knew anything about data recovery products.

Over the past 20 years, ACE company has experienced tremendous growth and this is only the beginning, as we are working tirelessly to offer new powerful solutions and highest-level services, give you more and more benefits and opportunities.

We congratulate each of us with this memorable 20-year date and thank all our customers, resellers and partners for being with us!

Anniversary milestone was commemorated with a formal dinner which brought together the first developer and designer, the first customer and the current staff.

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