15, 2012

New version for PC-3000 UDMA Ver. 5.0.8 and Data Extractor Ver. 4.8 is released!

WD Marvell

  • Support of SADLE 2D, MZTGP RE families has been added;
  • “Editing head map in RAM – new algorithm” mode has been added. Map address is defined according to the analysis of microprogram code;
  • Corrected errors in forming and writing into HDD Dir for “Module search in SA”, “Dir Editor” modes;
  • Now at launching, the utility controls if there are hidden defects in SA according to data of module ID=30h
    (in this case, ABA > CHS program conversion can have errors, to form correct Dir we recommend to use “Module search in SA” mode);
  • added Debug Stop Code decryption in “Sector state” mode and in protocol (if there is code) during utility initialization.

WD Marvell (USB)
  • Corrected way of technological reading for DE tasks with reading through the utility.

Seagate F3
  • Support of defect hide cmd Rev 3 has been added;
  • Translator recovery mode has now ability to process incorrect return of HDD FW (the last 32 bytes of sector);
  • Improved scheme of settings changing during HDD initialization from utility;
  • Extended features of wizard working with ROM image – added editor of SAP (Servo Adaptive Parameters) control flags;
  • Editor of SAP control flags in RAM has been;
  • Now hex editor has following plugins for editing:

    - SAP head maps (connected HDD is required),
    - CAP (Controller Adaptive Parameters) parameters,
    - Saved Mode Pages module.

  • “Work with ROM” wizard does now not have error, because of which changes in head map and ID data were not displayed immediately in hex-editor at open image of ROM (you had either to choose again ROM object-image or press “Cancel” button);
  • Corrected error in input into protocol of DT descriptions at reading into profile and database.

  • Loader editor has been improved. Now parameters of profile and DRV config are saved correctly after changes;
  • Families 2,5" - LD25.1(MLite), LD25.2(Mustang) have been added.

  • MH80 family has been added;
  • Option of LBA range selection has been added into combined test;
  • Terminal tab is active now in the background during family selection, it allows to check terminal output without utility initialization. Checkbox for power management has been added into utility start window;
  • Now warning about nonstandard size of logical sector is shown during utility start;
  • HDD ID editor has been added for classical architecture families, capabilities of HDD ID editor for Trinity architecture have been improved;
  • Works for fixing «Platform ID get error» during analyzing the dump of ROM of Trinity drives have been performed;
  • The error “Unknown techno key” that appears at pressing “Skip” button during service tracks reading has been fixed;
  • HDD ID editor has been added for families VOYAGER11+, VICTOR, PUMA, VICTORPLUS, VERNA, VERNALITE, VANGO, VANGOPLUS, PANGO, VELOCE, PALO, Poseidon, DELPHI, Caesar, P80M, Trident, T166, Storm2, Trident3, PARAGON, MAGMA, M40S, M60, M80, MANGO, M5P1, M6, MT1;
  • “HDD initialization with head map changing in RAM” and “RAM head map editing” have been added for families: VOYAGER11+, VICTOR, VELOCE, PALO, Poseidon, DELPHI, Caesar, P80M, Trident, T166, Storm2, Trident3, MAGMA, M40S, M60, M80, MANGO, M5P1, PARAGON, M6, MT1;
  • We have implemented auto switching of micro program into test mode in case of problems with ROM reading/writing (via terminal);
  • “View information about ROM dump” test has been added for families: VOYAGER11+, VICTOR, PUMA, VICTORPLUS, VERNA, VERNALITE, VANGO, VANGOPLUS, PANGO, VELOCE, PALO, Poseidon, DELPHI, Caesar, P80M, Trident, T166, Storm2, Trident3, MAGMA, M40S, M60, M80, MANGO, M5P1, PARAGON, M6, MT1;
  • ROM writing has been added for families: VOYAGER11+, VICTOR, P80A, Caesar;
  • Now you can select tested heads during SA structure test;
  • The table of allocation of errors by zones that takes into account errors type 0x7F (fixed) has been added into BURN test result report;
  • Option of ignoring errors during composite reading has been added into test “Modules reading”;
  • N1 family – 1,8” has been added.

Samsung USB
  • Access to ATA interface has been removed at utility startup;
  • Improved techno key algorithm for USB drives;
  • Added output request for drive reconnection during auto switching power supply.

  • New basic utility for all new HITACHI-IBM family drives on ARM architecture has been added into PC-3000 UDMA software;
  • During module reading in error ignoring mode, if you press “interrupt”, then only those data that are already read will be given, all the rest will be filled with DE AD signature.

  • "Flitting NV-RAM" has been fixed – now SA is searched correctly by the first head.

  • New family 34GAL has been added into support list;
  • New family 56GSY has been added into support list;
  • New “statistic mode” has been added during G-List view;
  • Errors in working with G-List have been corrected.

Universal Utility
  • Express test error has been fixed.

PC-3000 Kernel
  • Added output buffering in the terminal, which prevents software freezing during terminal output of a large amounts of data at high speeds;
  • Fixed timeout UDMA error.

Data Extractor
  • “RAW Recovery” and “Disk Analysis” modes have been optimized, Raw Recovery speed is increased for 20-30%, and the speed for Disk Analysis mode – for several times (what is very important for full analysis);
  • New message of virtual partition creation has been added in log;
  • During creation of virtual partition with unconfirmed structure, new dialog for creation of partition from specific LBA has been added;
  • NTFS file system: if while scanning MFT record you fail to find $bitmap, menu item is not available for analysis;
  • New “Disk analysis” mode has been added instead of the old “Quick Disk Analysis” mode. Its performed in two stages (Quick and Full), and results appear in the list at once with the ability to assess their condition in terms of data recovery (delete if data is not important, exclude the result sector area from the further consideration;
  • Increased speed of “Raw Recovery” mode;
  • XFS file system: “Partition data analysis” mode has been optimized in terms of memory fragmentation;
  • Wrong capacity detection error has been fixed for some USB drives;
  • In RAW recovery results new "Comment" field has been added. It allows user to find different useful information about current file type;
  • New option "Open as LBA" has been added in log menu that allows user to select a numeric value in the log and immediately open it in sector edit;
  • Modernized way of giving name to file duplicate if you save it with “Rename” option. Extension of file is saved, date and time are added to its name;
  • XFS file system: corrected errors in forming catalog and file map for some rare forms of storing descriptions of files and catalogs;
  • EXT file system: error of calculation of the first sector of a file has been fixed for large partitions > 2TB fix;
  • Copy interruption and information output in the report for compressed NTFS files which have unread or read with errors sector, has been added;
  • In the mode of map folder building (or selection files and directories) the new ability of total file size calculation has been added;
  • Mute button of disable cache during reading become trigger (Off/On);
  • HFS+ file system: fixed error when some partitions couldn't be opened in the case of Apple Partition Map;
  • Eliminated memory leak caused by fragmentation of two or more tasks, which are saving files in explorer and/or making copy on standard connected HDD;
  • NTFS file system: when MFT scan finished, the count of found valid MFT records will be shown in log;
  • EXT2(3,4) file system: added accounting of reading errors at building of used/unused sectors map by bitmap;
  • In the case of adding a virtual partition from RAW recovery results, the accounting of description tables copy has been added. It allowed user to recover data at the damage of the first superblock and group descriptor table;
  • When dealing with a task with copy, now you can save part of parameters as parameters by default for the further application at creating similar tasks (button on the first tab in a form of parameter editing);
  • New method “Open with” for file has been implemented in Explorer view;
  • Fixed bug of clearing map of initial task at exporting data from “Object Map” and “Explorer” mode and to another standard connected HDD;
  • Fixed infinite loop error at copying back by the chains, when task have boundary problem of the chain sector, with a block size of one sector.

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