10, 2013

New version for PC-3000 UDMA 5.2.3 and Data Extractor Ver. 4.8.18 is released!

Seagate F3

  • Possibility of HDD family detection has been added into utility.
  • Flash ROM writing has been added.
  • Family code is displayed in SAP Control Flags editor while editing in RAM and ROM.
  • Possibility of work with multi-block QNR firmware has been added into “Work with flash ROM image file” menu.
  • WWN and HDD capacity fields have been added in HDD ID editor in “Work with flash ROM image file” menu.
  • Detection of heads that physically present in HDA and filtration of modules of heads test that absent in HDA have been added.
  • Possibility of filtration of modules known now as not critical has been added into “Modules reading” and “SA backup” (during SA backup this function is enabled automatically).
  • Switcher of Media Cache use for work with user area has been added into HDD ID editor.
  • Media cache presence detection on HDD surface and User Data Offset detection have been added into utility. They are taken into account during head map building and reading from active utility in Data Extractor.
  • Possibility of moving both all adaptive data (RAP+CAP+SAP+IAP) and part of it that responsible for donor heads compatibility has been added into function of adaptive data transplanting from one ROM dump to other. It helps to read faster and more stable on compatible donor heads.
  • “Utility actions for Data Extractor” have been added into Seagate F3 utility:
           - turn power off/on;
           - regenerate translator with P-list;
           - clear Format Corrupt flag;
           - send Soft Reset.
  • Possibility of reading modules and system files by sectors has been added into “HDD resources view and edit”. It may be useful when it is necessary to read corrupted translator module.
  • Command to clear Format Corrupt flag has been added into “Service commands” menu.
  • Dialogue of sending commands of Set Features group has been added (“Service commands” menu):
           - write cache (enable/disable);
           - read look-ahead (enable/disable);
           - APM (enable + set level/disable);
           - AAM (enable + set level/disable);
           - Power-Up In standby (enable/spinup/disable).
  • Update Microcode mode 3 has been added, it is necessary for block loading of loader file with big size (“Service commands” menu).
  • RAM read-write in "Boot Code" mode (in "View and edit HDD resources") has been added.
  • ROM reading in "Boot Code" mode (in "View and edit HDD resources", "Work with ROM") has been added.

  • New families MT2 and N3 has been added.
  • Terminal access to service area of N2B family has been added.

  • New family MQ01ABD has been added.
  • Memory usage has been optimized in virtual translator building.
  • Defect reassign mode has been improved for hard disk drives with large sector size (>512bytes).
  • ID edit mode has been improved.
  • Technological reading mode has been improved, new option for reading drives with corrupted G-list is added.
  • Read/write SA modes have been improved (number of unread sectors is greatly decreased).

WD Marvell
  • New families Diablo3D, Tahoe XL, Tressels have been added.
  • "View and edit HDD resources" mode error has been fixed (Index -1 out of bounds).
  • Old mode "Edit head map in RAM" has been removed.
  • "Modules search in SA" function has been improved, now it is possible to search modules in saved tracks/regions and save data to image.

  • Auto recovery mode error has been fixed.

  • Head map building algorithm in Data Extractor has been improved as a result speed is greatly increased.
  • Password unlock algorithm has been improved.
  • ID Edit mode has been added (SN, WWN, FW version, Max LBA, Auto reassign flag).
  • Decoding of data from modules FEAT, IDNT, WWNM has been added into SA structure test report.

Data Extractor

  • MD5 and SHA1 check sum control for the image, file, chain of sectors in map has been added.
  • New mode for exporting list of folders and files into CSV file with filter, hash control (MD5/SHA1), read/unread sectors control has been introduced.

  • New implementation of "Partition analysis", "Scan unused space", "NTFS structure search".
  • Error for >2Tb partitions in MFT record editor has been fixed.
  • Error for used/unused space map building has been fixed.

  • New implementation of scan methods (Catalog File, partition, used/unused space).
  • Hardlink support has been added (hardlink is copied and initial file is opened).
  • Error bug with additional extends has been fixed.
  • Interpreting error in Apple Partition MAP for sectors different from 512 bytes has been fixed.
  • Error bug with Building map of used space for HDD with sector size more than 512 byte has been fixed.
  • Error bug with adding a huge virtual partition from “Disc Analysis” has been fixed (wrong partition size had been set before).

  • For deleted files and folders long name is used without check sum (short name was used before).
  • Error bug with building map of used/unused partition space has been corrected (last chain was ignored before).

  • While building map of used/unused partition space bitmap sector accounting has been added (for that ones which were not read or read with error).

RAW Recovery:
  • Possibility of file types/structures grouping by categories has been added.
  • Error with adding new reference to Raw Recovery Reference Book has been fixed.
  • Specified test criteria for some file types has been improved.
  • Error bug with wrong check size of .tiff files has been fixed.
  • Error with Raw Recovery reference book import has been fixed.
  • Added new ability that allows to import/export contents from/to internal/external file in Raw Recovery Reference Book.
  • New ability of raw recovery result exportation to .csv file.
  • Ability of import/export content from/in internal/external file has been added in “GREP” reference book.
  • At opened task additional identification data control has been added for standard connected drives.
  • Ability to show standard connected drives used right now in the list of sources has been added.
  • The control of used drives, ATA ports and opened tasks has been changed (now used drives/ports are not shown in the list or shown with “attention” icon).
  • The timeout for standard connected drives has been increased (previous timeout was insufficient to exit from sleep mode for modern “GREEN” HDD).
  • Map ”jumping” during tabs switching has been fixed.
  • New statistic item has been added in task form main menu (for cases with making a copy).
  • Bug of skipping sectors during image creation has been fixed (this bug was more often during backward data copy).
  • Bug with sector reading interruption in sector edit that could led interruption of running process has been fixed.
  • Form of task name input has been changed.
  • File size filter has been increased from 1 Kb to 1 byte.
  • Power management in object map mode has been added.
  • New ability of saving bad files into special sub-folder has been added (all paths will be stored).
  • The dialog box of saving bad files has been removed. Now such files will be saved automatically with their own unique information. This message will be shown in the log.
  • In context log menu new file open item has been added (you should select required block and tap on it).

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