06, 2016

The international data recovery community has seen the largest data recovery conference organized by ACE Lab Europe company

34 countries
130+ attendees
5 major directions in data recovery

The international data recovery conference, organized by ACE Lab Europe in Prague on April 22, 2016, gathered the biggest number of data recovery engineers, forensic experts and IT professionals from the government agencies from Europe, North and South America and Asia.

ACE Lab introduced a Breakthrough in recovering data from Self-Encrypting Seagate HDD - the technology which is invented by ACE Lab and is available only in the PC-3000. Many data recovery companies used to had piles of such HDD waiting when ACE Lab will provide this opportunity.

We presented the latest advances in recovering data from SSDs and other NAND-based devices.
Another direction which attracted great interest was a new method of detecting RAID configuration in the most difficult cases.

ACE Lab showed how to recover data from Windows Storage Space, the latest Microsoft technology in Windows Storage Area, and introduced the new useful methods of working with Virtual drives.

ACE conference
ACE conference
ACE conference
ACE conference
ACE conference
ACE conference

ACE Lab conferences have started to provide the unique opportunity to network with many of your colleagues in the data recovery field and get a lot of new ideas and important contacts for your business.

Our attendees showed a great interest in ACE Lab future developments which we are happy to share with you at such wide-scale gatherings of the most active data recovery professionals.

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