19, 2014

Great news for our European customers: on repeated requests ACE Laboratory will conduct the FREE Technology Conference in Prague on February 6, 2015

“The 2014 San Francisco Ace Conference was one of the best conferences I have attended in years”

"If you have not attended one of their conferences, you are missing out on opportunities to, meet the CEO and engineers, see the product but most of all meet counterparts in the Data Recovery Field.” 

“I could use the WD techniques you showed now in my case last week but I had to return the drive to the customer”

- we were hearing a lot of excited opinions and feedback about  New Technology Advances in SSD and HDD data recovery conference that was held in San Francisco and New York in November.

Over 120 attendees who are interested in the latest data recovery knowledge have already attended the one-day ACE technology conferences in the USA.

Even the most experienced and well-known data recovery experts confirmed they had received the useful, valuable information, to say nothing of the data recovery starters who enjoyed getting the must-know instructions at first hand.

We were even asked by some attendees to make our material easier, as it has too many deep technical things. But this deepest technical knowledge is exactly what will help you to recover those cases which your competitors can't solve.
Going deeper and wider than others makes you higher.
This is what we always do.

We have received a lot of requests to conduct such event in Europe, and the same free one-day Technology Conference will be held in Prague, the Czech Republic on the 6th of February, 2015!

What makes ACE conference different from the other events?
The difference of ACE conference from the other events is that we provide one day of the real technical training demonstrating the proprietary theory on the live SSD, HDD, RAID data recovery cases in practice.
It is not just a quick overview of the product capabilities giving you only some general things.
It is a true technical fountain of very useful information for anyone involved in the data recovery.

Moreover, where else can you meet so many data recovery gurus and your counterparts face-to-face?
In our US conference the attendees were actively meeting each other, discussing the data recovery issues and the ways to cooperate. In Prague we will even make the conference an hour longer to let you talk with each other and ask your technical questions directly to ACE engineers during the event.

Which knowledge will I get?
We will show how to recover data from the popular SSD and from the encrypted USB WD HDD much easier and faster using our truly unique methods, show that you can really recover many RAID cases automatically and even if the automatic modes can't help, you can recover practically each RAID manually.

A detailed conference program is here

What else can I get?
Since our Prague office manufactures the PC-3000, you can easily take the tools you need directly from the conference saving shipment costs.
You can have talks directly with ACE engineers and management, solving your questions faster.

Why Prague?
The conference will be organized by ACE Lab together with ACELab Europe s.r.o. - our representative office in Prague.
Along with the opportunity to get the PC-3000 from there, you can enjoy walking around the historical heart of the beautiful Prague on the weekend after the conference combining business and pleasure.

How to get registered?
Please fill in the form and you will get the confirmation letter which will be your entry pass.

All other details about the location, contact information, etc. can be found here.

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