26, 2014

The second ACE Lab conference is successfully conducted in New York

Despite the heavy snowfall around New York many serious data recovery companies, including the biggest companies in the USA and Canada, the data recovery engineers, the data recovery startups and the USA government attended ACE conference in New York on the 21st of November.

At our conference we have demonstrated our latest data recovery technologies and methods which are unique and cannot be found in any other products. Our engineers have shown how to recover data from SSD in a factory mode, how to get data from encrypted USB WD HDD much faster and easier and how to recover data from RAID in the complex cases using automatic mode.

Those attendees who are new in data recovery could see how efficient the PC-3000 is and had a chance to recognize that the PC-3000 is the most comprehensive and powerful professional data recovery tool. The experienced attendees have enjoyed learning the latest tricks in recovering data from SSD and encrypted USB WD HDD and could see how they can solve practically each RAID case using the automatic and manual modes of the Data Extractor RAID Edition.

ACE technology conference was highly innovative and each of the attendee could get something useful and necessary for their data recovery business.

After such great demand for ACE conference, we are aimed to offer more possibilities for our customers to learn more technical details of the latest ACE technologies, as the PC-3000 provide you with the vast opportunities and if you know all of them, you can recover more data than with any other product.

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