21, 2014

New version 7.0.0 of the PC-3000 Flash is released

  • This software update does not include the active utility set for SSD, which is included into the fully-featured PC-3000 SSD product now
  • "Dump Shift" preparation method has been added
  • "Dynamic XOR" preparation method has been added
  • "Sync block by marker" preparation method has been added
  • "Dynamic XORs" have been added as a new type of resources
  • "Delete Addings" has been singled out as an additional mode: " Delete Addings for TLC WL chips"
  • New resources have been added: ECC types, XOR patterns, page formats
  • New analysis mode for Translator SD18 (RAW) has been added
  • A new option of "additional number of attempts at success" has been added to the readout mode
  • New driver 9.0 for x86/x64 systems has been added
  • Timing in the memory chip reading mode has been changed to improve the reading quality
  • New automatic mode for "Cut sectors in block" preparation has been added
  • Changes in the modes for working with "Bad Bytes":
    • Now there are 2 separate conversion tools: cutting by XOR and a new tool in the bit representation. The second tool is very convenient and self-explanatory both for beginners and advanced users
    • When chips are read with the WL reading algorythm (TLC Toshiba and Sandisk), bad bytes will not be cut by default. The addings table will be saved for the further usage
  • Improvement in the method of determining the "E" (empty) pages during re-reading incorrect sectors. This improvement should solve the problem that happened after chip re-reading: in some cases the old algorithm recognized a page with a small count of data as an empty page
  • New dynamic XOR for SM2685F has been added
  • New dynamic XORs for Micro SD cards have been added, which are based on Phison controllers with page structures: 1152 + 7x1146 and 1138 + 7x1132
  • New alternative version of translator building for MS3257 has been added. It contains only one value that a user should fill - block number. All other values will be detected automatically during algorythm analysis

All authorized technical support users can feel free to contact us for getting the latest version of the PC-3000 Flash.

For all new users we recommend visiting our F.A.Q. in PC-3000 Flash NAND Forum, where you can find a lot of useful information about the PC-3000 Flash functionality. 

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