30, 2014

The new PC-3000 SSD software version 1.0 is released

As you see how quickly many SSD are appearing, it is high time to start tacking this new data recovery challenge!
ACE Laboratory anticipates the needs and provides the PC-3000 SSD – the only solution in the world that restores SSD in the technological mode.

Repairing SSD and recovering data from SSD using the technological mode greatly simplifies and accelerates the restoration process, not to mention the enormously increased efficiency. The PC-3000 SSD product has a rich list of SSD which can be recovered using the most state-of-the-art techniques.

All users who purchased the PC-3000 Flash SSD Edition till the 1st of June 2014 will get the PC-3000 SSD FREE of charge! To use it, you should tell us on which platform you want to install it – Express, new UDMA-E or Portable II - and provide us the following information:

Company name
Update box login name
PC-3000 product with a serial number which should be used with the PC-3000 SSD (please choose between Express, UDMA-E or Portable II)
PC-3000 Flash with a serial number

You can get that quantity of the PC-3000 SSD copies that is similar of PC-3000 Flash Kits you bought before the 1st of June, 2014.

Since the PC-3000 SSD is the software product it is much easier to buy it. If you still doubt now whether you need to invest into the SSD recovery or not, you can get the PC-3000 SSD the same day when your customer brings you SSD, as no shipment is required.

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