30, 2018

New TSOP-48 W (Wide) Adapter for PC-3000 Flash

Have you already faced the off-standard sized TSOP-48 memory chips?

These days the TSOP-48 chips which are wider than standard 14x18mm ones are becoming increasingly common. To deal with such chips you are now able to use the new TSOP-48 W (Wide) adapter.

The adapter is capable to work with both standard and off-standard TSOP-48 memory chips, so it will become a convenient helper in your daily NAND recovery work. The new TSOP-48 W (Wide) adapter is included in the Extended Set for PC-3000 Flash.

Interested in providing the full range of NAND recovery services?
Take a look at our extra adapters for recovering data and digital evidence from NAND-flash drives with external chips and monoliths:

Get everything you may additionally need to deal with NAND-based devices

Extended Set

TSSOP-56 adapter 1 pc.
VBGA-100 adapter 1 pc.
LGA/TLGA-52 [12x17] adapter 1 pc.
TSOP-48 W (Wide) adapter 1 pc.

Save €250


Starter Monolith Set (supported by
PC-3000 Flash software starting ver.7.0.5)

Multiboard adapter 1 pc.
Monolith Module 2 pcs.
LGA-52/TSOP-48 Module 1 pc.
BGA-152/VBGA-100 Module 1 pc.
Card adapter 1 pc.

Save €140


All-in-One Solution for Monoliths

Spider Board adapter
(with built-in Card adapter
1 pc.


More info about the adapters for PC-3000 Flash is here.

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