12, 2016

Regular NAND/Monolith Recovery Training in North America

Along with the well-established training courses in Europe and Asia, ACE Lab training sessions in North America have become the best place to receive hands-on experience and learn latest techniques in recovering data from the biggest number of storage devices. They traditionally gather a great deal of data recovery engineers and digital forensic experts.

The next 4-day NAND/Monolith Expert Recovery training in North America is scheduled for December.

Benefits for your data recovery success:

  • Your instructor is one of PC-3000 Flash developers - a brilliant mind and a skilled coach
  • Individual approach. Every trainee will receive full attention and assistance from the instructor
  • Universal principles that will enable you to work out solutions for data recovery from damaged Flash devices
  • Over 25 practical tasks covering most wide-spread issues like burnt controllers on Monoliths and other NAND-based storage devices, logical damage to the file system, etc.
  • Special bonus: you may bring your own damaged Flash devices and try to recover data from them together with ACE Lab instructor
  • Special rates for tools and technical support for the attendees

Class #1: December 5 - 8, 2016
Class #2: December 12 - 15, 2016
Teel Tech Training Center in Norwalk, CT, USA

A large section of training is dedicated to damaged monolith devices. So after ACE NAND Recovery Expert training you will be able to handle the most complicated issues. The newly-developed techniques for monolith recovery will be shown at these training classes.

Tap into the knowledge and skills from the world’s most reputable data recovery tool manufacturer!

TO SIGN UP FOR THE TRAINING, follow this link or email training@teeltech.com

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